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Hello i am new here so any tips on general making a better lifestyle will be gre...

Back on track

So for the past few months I’ve just been cruising along not really achieving an...

New member

Will start tomorrow as First of the month. 7-8 stone to lose so will now try cal...
Hypnotic2020 April
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Failed Thursday

Well I have had a bad 2 days I have eaten packet of chocolate covered peanuts I'...
Jo1964Restart April 2020

Gaining massive weight

Simple recipes for over 70's to loose weight during lockdown, using staple cupbo...
ashtrees2020 April

Bored at home

Hi my names Dawn l
Dawn13092020 April

Cooking for a family and trying to loose weight, calorie counting

As anyone got any nice simple recipes that I can cook for my kids to eat with me...
Sweetlips322020 April

Day 118: Lots of Time.

Sometimes when you think you have the least time, you actually end up having mor...
Wordsworth22020 January

Hello everyone

Well this lock down isn't doing me any good. I'd lost half a stone on slimming ...
Filling-the-gap2020 April


Living with arthritis? Living with chronic back pain?
Pollymd2020 May

Weight 70 kg

Lost .08 kgs
Bluelady-singHealthy BMI

5 little teddies(stars) in dresses. Jailbreak challenge

Here they are as requested. Please be kind as I am in training lol. I do have mi...

Tesco whole chicken weight loss

hi Im currently 14 stone and looking to lose weight. Im a very fussy eater and t...
Charliez2020 April


How do I find a community?

Newby, has anyone tried meal replacements?

Hi, I’m new to the group and would appreciate support from like minded people. I...
Mummyhen12020 April

Reached a plateau,need help

My weight has reached a plateau after losing 3.5 stone I need to lose another ha...
Rosiewindsor2020 April


Hello. I am very new here! 4 month postpartum and extremely willing to loos the ...

Motivation to lose weight - please help! :)

Hi. I am really lacking motivation and really need to get fit and lose some weig...
Smileybeck12020 April

Day 117: Another Step Forward.

Evening fellow journeyers. Today I added to yesterday's accomplishments by inten...
Wordsworth22020 January

Bad day

I’ve had a bad eating day! I’ve a lot on at work so didn’t have time to plan and...
Runcazrun2020 April

CKD & Warfarin

I want a healthy diet for CKD and Warfarin. Doctor can't help. I do cranberry ju...


hi simone,you e-mailed me,to post any additional e-learning courses, suggestions...

I'm New Here .

Hello everyone. I am new to this forum and I look forward to interacting with ma...
Kshirja2020 April

Course ideas

How about healthy eating or fitrness courses or even braille
Buffy20202020 April

New day

Well this is my second day of posting not much to say but hi and hope you all ha...
Jo1964Restart April 2020

Back to it!

Hi all! It's been a couple of years since I was last on here. So the last 5 year...
Bethan232020 April

Hello everyone 😊

Howdy all! I am new to this 'game' I am here to try to lose 2 stone and change m...
Traceymay2020 April

What ratio of macronutrients?

Hi all, I have been eating well/exercising since mid-February now, tracking all ...
emilyb952 stone


Hello to all... Am new to this forum and I look forward to interact with many of...
vimva6792020 April

Slimming Mag

Full of recipes and stories
Bluelady-singHealthy BMI