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I'm back!!!

Hi guys, I am back 5 months after after the last time I started wanting to lose ...
Ocean1121New teen

What helps distract you from the desire to eat?

Hello I'm on holiday for a week and staying at home as much as possible, yesterd...

Vegan Healing Soup

Well made some vegan healing soup and my flat smells amazing, thank to StarLight...
Lilly19862st 7lbs
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Feeling Good

Morning everyone hope you are all well and safe so last week was my first weigh ...
Fifisnan2020 October

name change

how do I change my user name
kathturner2672020 October


Hi, I’m currently vegan but i’m thinking of doing a LCHF vegan diet as i eat aro...
Finelines12020 October

Weekend away

Come back from a weekend away and feel so sluggish and bloated. I know I’ve ove...


I am a male in my mid-years. I have been following a vegetarian, alcohol free an...
Tony_Singh2020 October

Weight 67kg

Want to get down to 65 63 ideal Blueberry and raspberry frozen fruit
Bluelady-singHealthy BMI

Too much brek

Boiled egg kipper, delicious but too much!
Bluelady-singHealthy BMI

Smart scales

I have smart scales that I am using to help me keep track of my weight. I am a...
kjaylah2020 July

Pre Workout Meal

Can anyone recommend a good veggie meal to have before attending gym classes?
Lilly19862st 7lbs

Just stopped

I started my weight loss in July and by Sept I had lost 2st, but since nothing i...
JuneMc192020 October


Week 10 I started this plan to encourage my husband to lose weight plus I could ...
Carer532020 October

Non edible treat

Lavender and Rosemary steam
Bluelady-singHealthy BMI

Early morning walk in Stockholm

Morning everyone and as I’m hosting the DD today from my son’s place in Stockhol...

Veggie eggs with cheese sauce...all keto

Here's what I made for OMAD. Egss with lots of veggies: and red, ...

Where do I start!

Where do I start. I am needing to loose a bucket load of weight. I work shifts n...

You have GOT to try Lamb & Leek Bake

So so tasty, I can’t believe the calories, I will definitely be making again. I...
Cezza_B2020 October

Resumed work out after a break

Hello u guys. After a long break I had a very short work out session (finally 😀...
mrsomebody2020 September

Easy Meals

Hey guys having a hard time downloading the easy meals app and was wondering for...
Junebug1112020 October

Admins and Lchf

I find it a bit concerning personally that Admins are suggesting LCHF in their w...

Any recommendations for safe weight loss diets ?

I’ve been dieting for years and have recently fallen into some bad habits and I ...
Lesbib2020 October

2 weeks in

Start weight - 17st 5lbs Last week's weight (or date of last weigh-in) - 16st 1...
2big4hisbelt2020 October

Still in the same place!

Hello everyone, I’ve been struggling with my weight for many many years now. I ...
Ambber2020 October

Butternut squash salad with dolcelatte/ veg quiche

This is what I made for my son’s family for tea tonight. The butternut squash re...

Weight loss

I’m new here and am trying to loose weight but struggling. If any of you have an...
Emily832020 October

Treated myself to some Skinny Shots to flavour my coffee.

Love a wee flavoured coffee but haven't had one for ages so treated myself to so...
Lilly19862st 7lbs

Family life struggles

Hi everyone hope your all ok, does anyone have any meals or day to day ideas tha...
Saunders26912020 October

Lytham’s Cheese Off- Saag Paneer

I love cheese! This isn’t my recipe but totally yummy. Good Paneer is a bit like...