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This is me

Continual battle with a metabolism that doesn’t work
Lestriesherbest2019 November

Weigh Day for me.

A couple of weeks ago I did gain 2 pounds but I didn't run myself down because i...
Lotus-BlossomHealthy BMI

Newbie for the WL

Morning, I am so happy to be inside the group. Will start logging weight and ...
DollD2019 November
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Christmas Carol

Hi I’m new here & have been reading all your posts and they have made me feel ho...
CEJones2019 November

I'm having such a terrible week!

I hate to be full of negativity so much lately! But this week is just so so bad!...

I'm trying to get the calorie menu for wok wok, Can anyone help?

My dads birthday is coming up (2nd December) and I want to be able to relax like...
Lotus-BlossomHealthy BMI

Ill and being excused!

I'm off work ill today and I've gone crazy! Have had mad yearning for pizza! Hav...

Daily Diary for Sunday 1st December 2019

Hello new members and regular contributors. Welcome to the daily diary, where y...
Hopalong14st 7lbs

What would you do?

So I was in the supermarket the other day (I'm in England at the moment) and hap...


Had a good week, got weighed last night and lost 2½lb xx
Farmerwife2019 November

I suffer from the fortnight curse.

I seem to stick to something for two weeks before it all goes to ruin. The curse...
derbygraham2019 November

Antidepressants and weight gain

Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but here goes. I have b...
Anxietygirl342019 November

Is it just me, But I wish restaurants and pubs would put calories down on the menu for everything?

They put down for folk with allergies and alcohol content but why not calories. ...
Lotus-BlossomHealthy BMI

Your mistakes

Hi I learn from mistakes, mainly those of my own making. I wondered if you would...
derbygraham2019 November


Hi I am restarting here again. Last time I was on here I was climbing rapidly to...
Lynette68Restart Nov 2019

Weight loss journey so far

So, I have now lost 10 /11 pounds in 5.5 weeks which I am happy about. Have anot...
Lighter125Restart Nov 2019

Calorie restricted diet - Dr Eric Berg Intermittent Fasting and the Low-Carbohydrate, High...


Hello just joined need to lose 3 kg to have a healthy bmi! Wish me luck
Mcgarrj2019 November

I did it

Woohoo I finally got there before Christmas. I am in the next size down Jeggings...
Icandothis2017-2018Restart Jan 2020


Hi, I am vegan ... looking for fellow vegans to share menus, diet tips and stuff...
DeanaM2019 November

Feeling proud after first day 😁

So I signed up on Saturday night after a day of being very lazy and gorging on a...
srwatson2019 November

Size confusion

Hi I have a healthy BMI but unhealthy waistband 39inches. My height is 5ft 4in a...
shirehorse2019 November

New to the group

I just joined this group. I am looking forward to learning about living a health...
Chrystian2019 November

Daily Diary for Monday 25 th November 2019.

Hello to my fellow Daily Diaries I hope I find you well and you all had a good w...

Today's The Day

Good morning. I need to lose around 40lbs. Hopefully, by joining this group and ...


I am trying this
Bluelady-singHealthy BMI


These can help us love longer
Bluelady-singHealthy BMI

A lot of dietary advice from the NHS is outdated or confusingly represented.

I have lost 25Kg (56lb or 4 stone) in 6 months on the Keto diet with intermitten...
Infundibulum2019 November

18 days until a Hernia Operation.

I may have the World's oldest umbilical hernia at 19 years of age. I've been thr...
Hawaythelads69Restart Nov 2019


Hi everyone, Just want help and guidance to reduce weight, i am very unfit weig...
fareed1232019 November