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Seeking inspiration

Hi everyone, I'm a night owl I'm afraid! So here I am lying awake as usual worr...
SmileyPerson2021 April

Starting again, again!

Lost my way big time. Have a fatty liver, high cholesterol, high glucose and hig...
TomlieRestart April 2021

Next step.

After getting back to maintenance weight of 85kg I can’t wait to get back down t...
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7lbs left to do in 4 weeks

This is my 2nd week. Wasnt as good as last week with 6.5lb lose but still lost a...
Ladytrucker12021 April


Thank you for your replies, support and encouragement! Chocolate now all gone, ...
Luberon2018Restart April 2021

I weigh about 18st 5ibs.

I really want to lose weight but I don't get out much, because of my Anxiety.
Lonely31902021 April

Wait gain

I lost 4 and half stone and because it the pandemic it’s creeping back on any t...
playtricia2021 April

Where to start

I just don’t know where to start 😞 I NEED to lose weight, I NEED to be healthie...
vb1986Restart April 2021

Proud Mary – Tina Turner: Song Writers - John Cameron Fogerty

I was thinking just the other day, as I was thinking about my meals, that the da...

Newbie and nervous

Hi all, I haven't weighed myself yet but will when I get up for work. I have...
Pinkmischief2021 April

Too nervous to exercise

I have copd during the first lockdown I took the government advice and shielded....
Pinkmischief2021 April

Hi - I'm new

Hi I'm starting this group tomorrow, but I;m still not sure where to record my w...
morphalotRestart April 2021

now i am 75.3 kg ---i started as 153 kg 2 years ago or mybe one year and half cant remember!

hello again, Im back on track with my new ideal weight .. the NHS BMI calculator...
alaaddinHealthy BMI

Major attack of self doubt

Sorry to be posting this, it's a weird post of whingeing, worry, misery, confusi...

Despite not consciously changing eating behaviour

I work up this morning crossed my fingers and jumped in the scales, with one eye...
Dianenonebutme2021 March

My 600lb Life

I am not one for either Reality TV, or football either. Anyways I was watching t...

I haven’t changed how I eat?? Not sure how I thought I would shift some unwanted fat!!

I just realised I haven’t changed what I consume or how much I consume. I am get...
Dianenonebutme2021 March

My keto Easter treats

Thought I would post the Easter treats I've made to help me resist temptation. T...
Loraine5182st 7lbs

Stuck at 13 stone:

Despite sticking close to 1,200 cals per day and walking briskly 30-40 mins each...
Yassa2021 March

Boris has arrived in his forever home.

Thought I would post an update on our rescue dog, Boris, and some pictures. We p...
Loraine5182st 7lbs

how much exercise are you doing?

I’m trying to do some form of exercise each day, alternating between jogging an...
Nicnacpaddywac2021 March

Support needed please!

I’m newly divorced and really struggled the last year. I’m the heaviest I’ve eve...
Honeystar2021 March

chicken jollof rice (around the world dinners)

Evening all! I’m so pleased with the response I had to my two posts yesterday fo...
itselenax2 stone

Daily Chat for April 1 2021.

Hello to all you chatty people out there. Well another new month. The time is fl...

Stone to lose

Hi, I'm Roxylox. I'm 5ft 2 and 11st 4lbs. I need to lose a stone. Hope you are...
Roxylox2021 March

Liquid meals do it for me

At 67 years of age, 6ft 5in (1m 95cm) and 19 stones (121kilos) I stumbled across...
MBHH2021 March

beef bulgogi (around the world dinners)

Evening all! I mentioned I was having an “around-the-world” week for dinners whe...
itselenax2 stone

gigantes plaki (around the world dinners)

Evening all! I mentioned I was having an “around-the-world” week for dinners whe...
itselenax2 stone

Battling my weight.

I am new on this group. Age 56, 5ft, 19st 8, BMI 53. Had a heart attack December...
Strutty652021 March

How to deal with the paradox that you're in pain trying to exercise but know the pain is because you're overweight and out of shape?

I've been finally motivated to get outside and exercise now that the weather has...
Indiegal2021 March
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