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How do you manage navigating the forum? Please comment, to make any problems clear and feel free to make suggestions.

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The group’s page seems to be okay when there isn’t a site-wide glitch.

Have just completed the poll


OK if you have plenty of time to scroll down lots of posts especially on your weigh in day.

morelessAdministrator in reply to JanP53

Do you never look for the links in Events, Jan?


Any glitches soon get sorted out and if the advice and assistance offered by admins on joining is taken on board there shouldn't be any difficulty. The recent addition of FAQs is an excellent tool if members access it when in difficulty.

Hit and miss with me 😁 4-5weeks

morelessAdministrator in reply to Veronica1299

Hi and welcome, Veronica :)

This may help :)

I'd like to invite you to join our Newbie Club, which we hope will be a good place for you to connect with members, who are also just starting out. If you just post a few words to introduce yourself and respond to others there, you'll soon break the ice. Here's the link

You'll find all the information you need to navigate the forum in the header, so please take the time to read it carefully.

Wishing you all the best :)

This is because l don't know what Pam doing rather than the site

morelessAdministrator in reply to Mardri

Have you checked the FAQ's and Newbie Club header, Mardri?

mustgetslimRestart October 2020

As HU is in its embryonic stages I prefer to use Nutracheck until HU is easier for me. Sorry.

morelessAdministrator in reply to mustgetslim

Is that for a calories checker, or for support, mustgetslim?

mustgetslimRestart October 2020 in reply to moreless

Everything. Hate to say this but I think HU would learn loads from Nutracheck - very much 'belongs' to the members. Members advise each other - admin will advise when appropriate. Not as complicated as HU. Suggest someone joins NC because it is brilliant. Someone who is getting this site off the ground and who is good at site building, etc. I have no time to learn this site and its vagaries unfortunately. Members can always email admin or whoever for expert advice. Think this HU through the NHS is a great idea though. Will pop on occasionally to see what is happening. x

morelessAdministrator in reply to mustgetslim

You do realise we Admins are just members and not employees of HU, or the NHS, don't you? :)

We volunteer our assistance to fellow members, in a pay it forward system and offer to share our experience of weight loss, not expert advice :)

wa2un7Maintainer in reply to mustgetslim

It's great that you've found somewhere that suits you better . We all have to find our own path. but I can't imagine any forum 'belonging ' to the members more than this one and as moreless says all our hard working admins are volunteers.

Ceals3 stone in reply to wa2un7

Thank you wa2un7

san_ray70Maintainer in reply to mustgetslim

I have just looked at the site, and you have to pay, at the moment I am with S.W. so I will stay here, it keeps my brain ticking trying to find sites so hey ho.

lucigretAdministrator in reply to san_ray70

The above conversation was from 2 years ago San_ray, so I am not sure that mustgetslim is still with us. I am assuming that you are saying that you have to pay for the Nutracheck site? There is no payment to belong to the weight loss forum and we are here 7 days a week, practically 24 hours a day :)

I think it would be helpful if there was a way responses to a person's post can show as read once they have been viewed

HappyBeee3 stone in reply to MrJoshua

I get that this would be cool but in what way useful? Just interested

HappyBeee3 stone

It took me some getting used to when i began on the forum in April 2017.. But I think things are a little more organised now. What I find a bit silly is that, using android, on the full site, I have to go into a post (any post) and then scroll down down down to the bottom below the comments, to find the link list (Daily Diary for eg) I'm on Samsung so it might be just my kind of phone. But it is cumbersome.

Another thing that would be great is if I could search my own posts for e.g. to find my last weigh in. Or search within posts for e.g. to find something some mentioned i daily diary later rather than wade through every comment til I find it. Dreaming too big perhaps?

Another thing that would be great is if notifications were separated in some way.. likes in green responses in red for e.g.. missing someone's response is easy when you have 88 notifications most of which are likes. Responses can go unnoticed.

morelessAdministrator in reply to HappyBeee

You've got to have a dream Beee, or you'll never have a dream come true :)

Just struggle with navigating from one subject to another. Eg l saw your reply about the newbie links in an email but l can't actually find it to read when l press the see the reply link. Maybe it's the tablet l use. However l do find all the comments, recipes and encouragements really helpful

morelessAdministrator in reply to Mardri

No, that's the vagaries of the poll, Mardri, as it's happening to me too! The notifications only bring us to the header and we have to scroll through to find the actual response!

On normal threads, you should get a red notification dot, next to the bell at the top middle of your screen. If you click on that, it should take you directly to the response :)

Thanks for that, it's a bit clearer to me now so should help quite a lot.

morelessAdministrator in reply to Mardri

I'm delighted, Mardri :)

Itsbab4 stone

I find the site easy to use if I have found something a little difficult there’s always someone to help.

I think that the FAQs page is a great idea; I've also noticed If someone has any other query, it is answered quickly.

All in all, I think the site is very clear and extremely helpful; thanks to all concerned. 😊

Dont post much as dont have time and to tired to think

morelessAdministrator in reply to Den63

I'm very sorry to hear that, Den. How is your weight loss going? If you don't post at all, we can't help you. Even if you posted on a weigh-in, once a week, I'm sure you'd do better :)

jopo3 stone in reply to Den63

Sad to read this Den63

Try to make YOU a priority, your health has got to be worth it.

Just find 10 minutes a day, you'll find amazing things happen when you make the smallest changes.

Likejunglebook1 stone in reply to Den63

Hi Den, time is precious, I know. Like moreless says just posting your weigh in weekly can help. Try to make some time to plan your food. It will get easier and when you taste a bit of success it will give you a boost.

anigoni1st 7lbs

It might help to have post with most recent comment on at the top.. but I realise this is complicated but it would help find the chat as it goes on. I find the forum a bit convoluted but this is because there is so much good information on there. I think I made my first comment in August after I had been lurking for a while!

jopo3 stone

Member since 2nd January 2017.

Like most things that are worthwhile, you need to invest a little time.

Amazing administrators, always there and understanding real people with good hearts.

wellington6Restart Nov 2019

Your assistance on Monday was excellent, I hope I can find the Monday movers next Monday! Thanks

morelessAdministrator in reply to wellington6

I'm sure you will, wellington and you have the FAQ's to refer back to :)


Morning moreless, I have been here almost 11 months. I didn’t really understand how to find my way around the site in the early days so I was a ‘scroller’. Since September when you started the Newbie Club, I have learnt a lot and find it much easier now. The Newbie club and FAQ have both been excellent new additions.

You have been so helpful and kind Moreless and I appreciate that you are an administrator, but also a 'member' and obviously do this on a voluntary basis. It must be me, although I have to say this is this only site I have found I cannot find my way around. There seem to be so many choices then after selecting one, you find you are faced with more choices. A bit like calling a large company on the phone, only to be given several sets of choices then find none of them are what you are actually looking for. I hope the feedback helps. Thank you for the assistance you have tried to furnish me with. (I feel I must tell you - I have had my own company for 30 years and am professionally qualified, perhaps I lack the patience or perseverance required)............I apologise to you Moreless...... you have certainly tried. I also feel frustrated and a little embarrassed at my failure. Also my failure to lose the 7lbs I am desperate to lose. (Like carrying a bag of potatoes around all day.)

morelessAdministrator in reply to tansy-ann8

Hi tansy-ann,

Please don't feel embarrassed! I think you need to simplify your searches to one, or two and use the FAQ's to get you there. Only read what I've written and don't follow any other links :)

Find Events and use that to find a weigh-in, the DD and the What's Happening thread. Those three things are more than enough for your initial needs.

I suspect that you're expecting too much of yourself, too soon. I am a total numpty and expect nothing of myself, but I've managed to crack the code to this forum! ;)

I have total confidence in your ability to crack the code too and to lose those pesky pounds!

Together, we can achieve anything! :)

I have answered this poll. I find the best thing for me is to just look around until I find the right things I am looking for.

Thank you Moreless (once again), I shall try that..........

Hidden1 stone

Never had any problem whatsoever.


I find getting round the site frustrating, there are so many topics etc and for new people just follow everyone else that is no good for me. The medication I am on makes me forget a lot so with this I get annoyed. I feel it could do with being made simpler with more examples set out for the new people. You have a really good tool here but I feel it is not used to its full potential.


morelessAdministrator in reply to Hidden

I'm sorry that you feel this way Debbie. Have you read all the information in the Newbie Club and the FAQ's? There are links to just about every conceivable action you could wish to make, including picture instructions.

You joined the forum on Oct 18th, joined the Happiness Challenge on Oct 19th, the Newbie Club on Oct 22nd, a weigh-in and Daily Diary on Oct 23rd and were sent a message on the 25th Oct, offering assistance, if you required it. You were supported and guided on each of these occasions, but that was the last we heard from you, until now.

I'm afraid there's a limit to what we can provide, but support and encouragement is always available to you, when you're here and learning the ropes does take practice. I'm sure that if you log on more frequently and join in, you'll find it easier to remember what to do :)

Initially really struggled to navigate my way around, but once I got going, found it fairly easy!

orcadiana9st 7lbs

moreless Is there any easy way I find all my posts to ensure they are locked? TIA ox

morelessAdministrator in reply to orcadiana

Hi Orcadiana,

Go to your profile and all of your posts are listed there.

It's just a case of working through them and checking, unfortunately.

You've only got 21, so it shouldn't take long.

Good luck! :)

orcadiana9st 7lbs in reply to moreless

Thanks - I think all ok now.

I do find using the forum difficult but with patience and practice I'm sure I will get better at it .


I've used far better sites, it doesn't flow particularly well and navigation should be more obvious, some of the topic titles are ambiguous.e.g I made my first post and was welcomed by an admin very quickly who gave me a badge ......brilliant, and was guided to the Newbies section and thought this is where I should introduce myself so ended up doing a slightly different post that ended up with two posts serving the same purpose very close together.

As I am due an upgrade on my phone shortly and don't currently have space I have only used the website not the app. Hope this feedback is useful and thanks to all the admins and hosts who are really on the ball, looking forward to 'meeting' you all.

morelessAdministrator in reply to Barcud

Thanks for your feedback, Barcud :)

Your second post was made on the open forum, not the newbie thread, so I expect you clicked on write, which really means start a new thread. If you remember that having to fill out a template, with a title, means you're not adding to another person's post, but starting your own.

We have asked for this to be made less ambiguous, but to no avail, so far.

The newbie thread is designed to keep all information pertinent to navigating the forum together, so that you just have one place to refer back to, if you're having difficulties.

Unfortunately, with the Topic titles, we only have 30 characters to use, so have to come up with titles that generally encapsulate the contents. More characters available to us, would make this less ambiguous. We have also asked for this.

I certainly wouldn't bother with the app, as it offers very little access to the different areas of the forum and is only available on iphones anyway. Those of us with Android phones, manage perfectly well :)


I found it different to any other forum that I have belonged to and not easy to understand how to navigate at first. I am more used to different sections laid out, so that I know where to post on a certain topic. I wanted to be here though, so didn't give up!

However this is not criticism, this is a great forum admin work very hard and are on the ball. Once I worked out how to do things, I got the hang of it all.

I am doing quite a lot on the site, but some of my replies seem to have been lost, perhaps I did not press the right button at the right time?

morelessAdministrator in reply to barbararobson

That's a possibility, barbararobson, or maybe you moved to another page before completing?

If it's a glitch that continues without reason though, please report it to Health Unlocked.

Newme551st 7lbs

Been a member since January this year.

No probs with the site at all, needed help occasionally but that's me that is not very technical.

Iove this forum and the members, without it I couldn't have kept going on my quest to be healthy, i don't see it as a diet but rather a new way of life, addmited I'm loosing weight very slowly and that is why I became a member but there is far more to this forum than that.

We all give support and encouragement to each other in other ways too, we are friends without seeing each other, and often just pop in for a natter on the what's happening post.

I am so very grateful to all the admin & volunteers who give of there time & energy to help others, they are a mountain of information when it comes to weight loss, and always on hand to help when necessary.

I am so very grateful for everything they put into this forum because I know at times it's not been easy, I'd like the forum to stay as it is, it works so why fix something if it's not broken!!


I look in events and don't see what I'm looking for. Could each weigh- in/ maintainers club have a folder that would lead you to all the different pages they have made? I also have great difficulty if I want to find out what I last contributed as it is not a post but a thread!

morelessAdministrator in reply to Livbike

Events only hold current weigh-ins.

The OLD Weigh-ins Topic hold all weigh-ins in date order.

Your own profile holds all your own replies.

We can't offer more than that, as those are the restrictions of the site. You can email HU with your suggestions.

IndigoBlue61Maintainer in reply to Livbike

Was this any help Livbike ?

A member only a few days so still working out what's what and where.

Stalk1st 7lbs

I haven't used social media before and I find it very difficult to find the same people again. Also I get lost very easily.

But it is very interesting and full of good ideas, and I'm sure if I keep going I will get better at finding my way around.

IndigoBlue61Maintainer in reply to Stalk

Please just ask if you get stuck, or refer back to the Welcome Newbies post 😊

Hi moreless

Thanks for the opportunity to comment. I access the forum only on my laptop, and have trouble every week finding the Wednesday weigh-in. I always get there, but often by accident. I think it's because what lands in my inbox every morning is often just normal posts, when perhaps I need always to have that day's weigh in (because once a week it will be "my" one) pinned on the right hand side.

I'm pretty adept with navigating in all sorts of places online, but I find this place unnecessarily complicated.

Thanks again!


IndigoBlue61Maintainer in reply to kleineKerze

Thank you kleineKerze 😊. When you’re on your phone are you using the App? If so then the only way is to scroll down through all the posts

If you’re accessing the full website then this might help

kleineKerze1 stone in reply to IndigoBlue61

I never access on my phone, Indigo, but thanks for the useful link.


morelessAdministrator in reply to kleineKerze

Hi kleineKerze,

I think you would find the Wednesday weigh-in much easier to locate, if you didn't rely on email alerts. I, personally, only use them for posts/people that I follow and have switched off all others.

Just log onto the forum, using your web browser, scroll down to Events on the right of your screen and click on the title Weigh-in for Wednesday.

I hope this helps :)

kleineKerze1 stone in reply to moreless

Hi moreless

That's very helpful. I've made a shortcut to the forum itself and will stop the email alerts. I'm sure that will work.

Thanks again


morelessAdministrator in reply to kleineKerze

My pleasure :)

Hi, I've been a member for less than a week.

I posted my first post on Sunday to the Sunday weigh-in page and I can see that I have some replies but the link in the notification emails takes me to the top of the Sunday weigh-in page and not to the reply itself. So I find it hard to find the replies and reply to them. This is making it more difficult to use than other websites.

morelessAdministrator in reply to Scarlette_Ohana

All weigh-in posts have their replies turned off at 9pm (UK time), which is probably why you aren't being taken to the exact reply. You need to respond to all replies before that time, I'm afraid.

If this is happening during 'opening hours', ie between 9pm Saturday and 9pm Sunday, then this is a technical fault that needs reporting to HU.

I hope this helps, Scarlette_Ohana :)

I still dont no how to enter the weekly weight in on a Saturday I find the site very frustrating and have given up on that one however I am following the Advice etc and still counting my caliries

IndigoBlue61Maintainer in reply to MrsP70

Sorry you are finding the forum complicated ☹️ Have a look a the pictorial guide here which I hope might help

And keep trying, practice makes perfect as they say 😊

morelessAdministrator in reply to MrsP70

Have a look at the FAQ's, Mrsp70 and follow the instructions

Bear in mind that the Saturday weigh-in will only be available between 9pm Friday and 9pm Saturday, UK time and that the HU app will NOT give you access to Events.

Hidden2020 March

gave up with it

lucigretAdministrator in reply to Hidden

Hi William, if you are having problems finding your way around, then instead of giving up, come back and talk to us and we will try to help you :)

san_ray70Maintainer in reply to lucigret

I think everybody is very helpful on this forum and when I get lost I get help, so I can not complain.

lucigretAdministrator in reply to san_ray70

I'm very pleased to see that you find the forum users helpful san_ray :)

Okay,that seems a bit harsh of me,but there is not a "Frustrating" option,because I definitely am never giving up. Why do we not have the "events" on every page, I find it "frustrating" to go back to the same page to read the events list,can it not be locked on each forum to make it easier to access events from each page. Ta

morelessAdministrator in reply to Ascelus

We think the same, Ascelus, just as we'd like to be able to access Topics (recently changed to Interests) from the Posts page. Maybe you could direct your enquiry to Health Unlocked, as we have done, to see if they will be able to change the system? :)

Ascelus6kg in reply to moreless

Have sent email to HU. X

I have just read some of the replies and realise that this post is from two years ago,is it necessary to keep old posts running

morelessAdministrator in reply to Ascelus

Again, direct your enquiry to HU, as we have no control over this :o

Ascelus6kg in reply to moreless

And the same with this one

Hidden2020 March

the more i read the more confuseing it becomes

Newlife20202020 March

I've been on here less than a week, I can't see much activity?

I would like to join daily food diary but can't work out how to!


BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Newlife2020

Hi, when moreless welcomed you a few days ago and recommended the Daily Diary and a weigh in, she gave you the link for Pinned Posts You'll find them both there, plus all our other activities. Just scroll through and check them all out :)

Jigsaw042020 June

I can not found where actually I can start put in the Weight in and the rest of the stuffs

morelessAdministrator in reply to Jigsaw04

Hi and welcome, Jigsaw04 :)

All of the information you need about the forum can be found in Pinned Posts and I hope you'll be joining all the Events, Challenges and Clubs that we run, especially a weigh-in and the daily diary.

We've found active participation to be key to successful weight loss and, of course, it's a good way to get to know people, find inspiration and share support and encouragement.

Wishing you all the best :)

Jigsaw042020 June

Hi, I struggle to find how to put my Weight in page.

Sixtyandfat2020 June

I can’t easily find weight in info and what I’m supposed to fo

Sixtyandfat2020 June

I’ve gone to “pinned” posts but cannot easily see it. I know I’m new so it will take time but the interface isn’t easy to follow!

morelessAdministrator in reply to Sixtyandfat

You need to take the time to read all of the information carefully and if you're using the HU app, get rid of it and log onto the forum using your phone's browser

The FAQ's will answer your question about weighing in.

Money Saving Expert forums are very easy to navigate... something like that would be amazing

morelessAdministrator in reply to C25ksecondtimer

We agree, C25Ksecondtimer! Feel free to put your suggestion to Health Unlocked :)

Dfatone2020 June

For some reason, since joining the forum, I've found that I've mis-posted my weekly weigh-ins incorrectly, which means I receive a reply from one of the mods. pointing me toward the correct place to post. I've done this more than once, which is irksome as I do not want to be a bother to the mods, nor to myself. I've come close to simply walking away from this forum and forgetting about it, but I do appreciate the community feeling and the ability to contribute to the work of the hive.

morelessAdministrator in reply to Dfatone

That's a common mistake when using a mobile phone, Dfatone and we have asked for the big blue 'Write' to be changed, but no luck yet.

The trick is to remember that the weigh-ins are someone else's post, so you reply to them as you would any other post on the forum. Ignore 'Write', scroll down and use the Reply box. If you have to fill out a template, complete with a title, then you're starting a new post, not replying to an existing one.

slipstick1 stone

It's the clunkiest forum I've ever met and I've being using forums for many years. Most will display a subject line so you get plenty on a page and can choose which to look at.

But the people seem great and I've already found some useful looking help so I guess I can put up with it, grumpy old beggar that I am.

lucigretAdministrator in reply to slipstick

Hello and welcome to the forum slipstick,

Maybe the following link will help you to navigate the forum. You are better using the full site and not the app. The app doesn't give you access to everything.

I am very pleased to see that you think the people here are great and I hope the link I am going to give you will help to make you less grumpy 😆

This link will take yo to all the information you need to navigate the weight loss forum,

and this link will give you a tour of the forum, which might also be helpful

As a peer to peer support group, we all benefit from encouragement and support from one another, so look forward to seeing you join in around the forum :)

I would recommend that you at least join the Daily Diary and a Weigh In day of your choice.

Wishing you all the best :)

IndigoBlue61Maintainer in reply to slipstick

You’re not alone! Unfortunately as Admin we have little say in the forum layout, 😕

But good to hear you’re finding everyone helpful 😊