• Dose anyone know anything about ESA appeals after you have been awarded it.

    Had my Incapacity stopped about 12 months ago I appealed and was awarded ESA after going to court on the 13/3/14 I gave it two weeks and had no contact from them, so I phoned them they said I couldn't speak to the department that deals with the ...

  • Psoriasis arthritis

    Hi. Recently been to the rhumy and he got quite animated this time. He has referred me to a rhumy nurse as he now wants me to go on methotrexate, he now thinks psoriatic arthritis. He still wants me on hydroxychloroqine though. My hubby asked if ...

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    Advice needed please. n

    I am already fighting a 5 month long SLE flare and I think I have picked up the virus all the healthy folks are dealing with. I'm on my own, it's my birthday :( the Doctors are closed and I have two blankets, and the fire on full. The dog is ...

  • Can Gabapentin be taken with wafrin

    I got told off today for not taking my pain killers gabapentin does anyone else take this on wafrin ? Does it affect ur levels don't know why I am worried about taking it be greatful if u would let me know

  • Stopped taking Tramadol.

    My night sweats have been reduced by 80% but what can I take for the pain? I have tried all the over the counter pain killers they do little to help, Tramadol helped a little with the pain but the night sweats would keep me awake.
    The pain can ...

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    Misdiagnosis ? ME cfs or lupus n

    Hi all
    I was diagnosed with ME cfs in 2009 after two years investigations. As a side my sister has been diagnosed with Lupus and over the past year since my symptoms worsened we have been discussing together and it appears many of the symptoms ...

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    My Blue Badge Arrived Today! n

    I didn't expect to be approved for a blue parking badge as I didn't fit into the usual criteria, but after a walking assessment with a physio (which didn't involve any walking) I was approved! That along with my first walking stick (which she ...

  • Can someone Tell me abit more about interstitial cystitis?


    I recently wrote a page on frequent urination and how it affects me I can hold my toilet for around 3-5 hours so have no problem but the symptoms of the urge to pee comes and goes making it hard to hold it when im always thinking of the ...

  • I use dermablend dark 7 to cover my discoid Lupus

    I use Dermablend Dark 7 to cover my Lupus Discoid skin looks better but people still stare sometimes and it gets on my shirt. Also cannot just wipe sweat, etc off my face when out and about ? (Make-up is on bridge of nose, forehead, head

  • Lupus and Flu

    Just for everyone's information.. I was told, by a nutritionist in training, that elderberry would be good to take to combat the flu. He knew I have Lupus. I told him there is a careful balance with lupus patients between supporting the immune ...

  • Lupus and cancer

    Five years ago I developed breast cancer, having had lupus for 15 years by the. Went through chemo.

    , radiotherapy, herceptin , and found the strangest thing was that I felt littler worse than normal. A lot of the chemo drugs are actually ...

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    I need advice regarding a rash I get on my thighs. It is worse when it's warm especially at night. Initially under skin then like hives n

    I am being driven mad by a rash on various parts of my body but especially my thighs and scalp and especially at night. I take cerezette but it doesn't seem to do anything. It looks like spots under the skin on my thighs and obviously gets worse ...

  • Lupus nd raynards Nd arthritis

    I am in pain all the time ad all them ova ten yrs doc found out six yrs ago the pain still not controlled I need to c a skin spec how to I push my docs and spec doc and ease the pain

  • Trouble sleeping

    Feel like I can't deep sleep anymore. I took Tylenol last night and dozed off finally..feel too tired to of my favorite past times

  • Advice on ANA

    Hi all :) I'm hoping someone can give me some advice! I have ME and Fibromyalgia, but last October I started to feel a lot worse, and my bloods started coming back abnormal - abnormal CRP, ESR, thryoid... eventually, in January, my doctor did some...

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    The podiatrist and peripheral neropathy n

    I'm just back from seeing my wonderful podiatrist. He is a great mixture of knowledge about rheumatolgy and refreshing frankness about what his assessments of feet tell him.

    The first time I saw him about 6 months ago he told me that the ...

  • London marathon 2014

    Would like to say thank you to all the runners that have given up a lot of their time to train and compete in the London marathon,all to raise money and awareness of lupus

  • Off mycophenelate - total headache for 3 days now!

    I saw my consultant this week and it was agreed that I'd come off myco as I didn't feel I was benefitting from being on it - in last 3 months I've had problems with ankles/tendons/toes/feet causing so much pain it's been agonising to walk - all ...

  • How much hair loss is normal?

    Hey i know daily hair loss is to be expected, however since i've started to become unwell i have noticed clumps coming away when I am shampooing and also brushing my hair its very noticeable on the hairbrush. I have also noticed if i run my hands ...

  • Retinal damage caused by Hydroxychloroqine

    Sometimes things get buried on this site: Posting a link to my original post this as it is so important. If I can save one person's eyesight then it is worth it:

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