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List of blood panel Abbreviations.

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 I hope this list helps others read their blood work panel.. I'm not sure if they are the same in the UK.

A1A Alpha-1 Antitrypsin

A1c Hemoglobin A1c

AB Antibody

ABG Arterial Blood Gas

ABRH ABO Group and Rh Type

ABT Antibody Titer

ACA Anti-Cardiolipin Antibodies

ACE Angiotensin Converting Enzyme

ACID PHOS Acid Phosphatase

ACP Acid Phosphatase

ACT Activated Clotting Time

ACTH Adrenocorticotropic Hormone

ADA Adenosine Deaminase

AFB Acid-Fast Bacillus

AFP Alpha Fetoprotein

AG Antigen

ALA Aminolevulinic Acid

Alb Albumin

Alk Phos Alkaline Phosphatase

ALP Alkaline Phosphatase

ANA Antinuclear Antibody

Anti-HBc Hepatitis B Core Antibody

Anti-HBe Hepatitis Be Antibody

Anti-HBs Hepatitis B Surface Antibody

Anti-HCV Hepatitis C Antibody

APT Stool for Fetal Hemoglobin

aPTT Activated Partial Thrombin Time

ASN Antibody Screen

ASO Antistreptolysin-O

ASP Aspirin Resistance

AT III Antithrombin-III Activity

B12 Vitamin B12

BMP Basic Metabolic Panel

BNP Brain Natriuretic Peptide

BUN Blood Urea Nitrogen

C1 Complement C1, Functional

C1Q C1Q Binding Assay

C2 Complement C2

C3 Complement C3

C4 Complement C4

Ca Calcium

CBC Complete Blood Count

CBCD Complete Blood Count with Differential

CEA Carcinoembryonic Antigen

CH50 Complement Immunoassay, Total

CK Creatine Kinase

Cl Chloride


CMP Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

CMV Cytomegalovirus

CMV Ag CMV Antigenemia

CO Carbon Monoxide

CO2 Carbon Dioxide

COHB Carboxyhemoglobin

CONABO Confirmatory Type

CPK Creatine Phosphokinase (Creatine Kinase)

Cr Creatinine

CRCL, CrCl Creatinine Clearance

CRD Cord Type and DAT

CREAT Creatinine

CRP C-Reactive Protein

Cu Copper

D Bil Direct Bilirubin

DAT Direct Antiglobulin (Coombs) Test

DCAS DAT and AB Screen

DHEA Dehydroepiandrosterone

DHEAS Dehydroepiandrosterone-Sulfate

DIFM Differential

Dig Digoxin

EOS Eosinophils

EPO Erythropoietin

ERA Estrogen Receptor Assay

ESR Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate

ETOH Ethanol

FBS Fasting Blood Sugar (Glucose)

Fe Total Iron

FEP Free Erythrocyte Protoporphyrin

FFN Fetal Fibronectin

FFQ Fecal Fat

Fol Folate

FSH/LH FSH/LH Evaluation

FT3 Free T3

FT4 Free Thyroxine

G2PP 2 Hour Postprandial Glucose

G-6-PD Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase

Gamma GT Gamma Glutamyl Transferase

GCT Glucose Challenge Test

GDS Gestational Diabetes Screen

GGT Gamma Glutamyl Transferase

GH Growth Hormone

Glu Glucose

H&H (or H/H) Hemoglobin and Hematocrit

Hapto Haptoglobin

HbA1c Hemoglobin A1c

HBeAb Hepatitis Be Virus Antibody

HBeAg Hepatitis Be Virus Antigen

HBsAb Hepatitis B Surface Antibody

HBsAg Hepatitis B Surface Antigen

hCG Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

hCG (urine) Urine Pregnancy Test

HCT Hematocrit

HDL High Density Lipoprotein

HFP Hepatic Function Panel

HGB Hemoglobin

HgbA1c Hemoglobin A1c

HGH Human Growth Hormone

HIAA 5-Hydroxyindoleacetic Acid

HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus

HPV Human Papilloma Virus

HSV Herpes Simplex Virus

iCa Ionized Calcium

IFE Immunofixation Electrophoresis

IgA Immunoglobulin A

IgE Immunoglobulin E

IGF Insulin-Like Growth Factor-I

IgG Immunoglobulin G

IgM Immunoglobulin M

INR Prothrombin Time

Jo-1 Jo-1 Antibody

KB Kleihauer-Betke

K Potassium

Lact(o) Lactoferrin

LD Lactate Dehydrogenase

LDH Lactate Dehydrogenase

LFT Liver Function Tests

LH Luteinizing Hormone

Li+ or Li Lithium

MetHb/MetHgb Methemoglobin

Mg, Mag Magnesium

MIC Minimum Inhibitory Concentration

MMA Methylmalonic Acid

Mn Manganese

Mono Mononucleosis

NA Sodium

NEOTY Neonate Type and DAT

NEOXM Neonate Type and XM

NH3 Ammonia

NTR Newborn Type and Rh

PAP Pap Smear OR

Pap Smear & HPV DNA Test OR

Prostatic Acid Phosphatase

Pb Lead

PBG Porphobilinogen

PCP Phencyclidine

PEP Protein Electrophoresis

PHOS Phosphorus

PKU Phenylketonuria

PLT or PLT Ct Platelet Count

PO4 Phosphorus

PRL Prolactin


PSA Prostate Specific Antigen

PT Prothrombin Time

PTH Parathyroid Hormone

PTT Partial Thromboplastin Time

QIG Quantitative Immunoglobulins

RBC Red Blood Cell

RET Reticulocyte Count

RF Rheumatoid Factor

RFP Renal Function Panel

RhIG (Eval) RhIG Evaluation

RPR Rapid Plasma Reagin

RSV Respiratory Syncytial Virus

Scl-70 Scleroderma Antibody

SHBG Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin

SIFE Serum Immunofixation Electrophoresis

Siro Sirolimus

SPEP Serum Protein Electrophoresis

SSA Sjögren’s Syndrome A Antibody

SSB Sjögren’s Syndrome B Antibody

SSDNA Single Stranded DNA

T Bil Total Bilirubin

T3 Triiodothyronine

T4 Thyroxine

Tacro Tacrolimus

TBG Thyroxine Binding Globulin

TGL Triglycerides

Theo Theophylline

TIBC Total Iron Binding Capacity

TP Total Protein

TREP Treponemal Antibodies

Trep Ab Treponemal Antibodies

TRH Thyrotropin Releasing Hormone

Trig Triglycerides

TRXN Transfusion Reaction Evaluation

TSH Thyroid Stimulating Hormone

TSI Thyroid Stimulating Immunoglobulin

TT Thrombin Time

TYSC Type and Screen

UIFE Urine Immunofixation Electrophoresis


Ur Prot Elect Urine Protein Electrophoresis

VCA Viral Capsid Antigen

VDRL Venereal Disease Reference Lab (Syphilis Test, CSF)

Vit A Vitamin A (Retinol)

Vit B1 Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)

Vit B12 Vitamin B12

Vit B2 Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)

Vit B6 Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)

Vit C Vitamin C

Vit D 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D

VLDL Very Low Density Lipoprotein

VMA Vanillylmandelic Acid

VZG Varicella zoster IgG

WBC White Blood Cell Count

Xa LMW Heparin

XM Type and Crossmatch

Zn Zinc Pr

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Excellent, thank you!

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I'm sure it will.Nice work !

Very useful! Thanks for this. I've copied it for reference.

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