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Have you received your covid-19 vaccination?

If you or a loved one are living with lung cancer, did you find any changes in your symptoms during lockdown because of less air pollution?

What audit data would you like to see on lung cancer? Choose your top 5 priorities please, add any comments or recommendations.

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Lung cancer Awareness: what are the 3 key issues for you?

When you or your loved one was diagnosed with lung cancer which describes your/ their experience of smoking?

What information would you like to see us developing in the year ahead?

What has your experience been of nursing care?

Did you have information on cancer trials when you were treated?

What message would you like to share for Lung Cancer Awareness Month?

What are the benefits of being a member of this forum?

If you are being treated with a Targeted/biological therapy, would you be interested in attending an information day?

If you (or the person you care for) need to speak to or see your lung cancer nurse specialist, do you find it easy to contact them?

How often do you, or the person you care for, see a lung cancer nurse specialist?

Have you gained support through any of the following?

How would use this forum in the future?

What has the support of the online community provided?

How useful have you found the peer support of the forum?

We have recently launched a lung cancer map, which shows patients information about treatment in their area. How do you rate it? www.roycastle.org/lungcancermap

• When you were diagnosed with lung cancer, which of the following did you receive?

Were you given information about your local hospitals so that you could choose where to receive treatment?

What treatment were you offered following your lung cancer diagnosis?

Prior to your lung cancer diagnosis, which symptom prompted you to visit your doctor?

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