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The seasons are changing & fall is upon us! Does the change of seasons affect your MS?

Have you checked out our NEW Ultimate MS Treatment Guide?

We are all affected by the coronavirus outbreak and would like to know how you are doing. (Please check all that apply)

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What are some of the ways you practice self-care and mental wellness in your daily life? (select all that apply)

What do you imagine when you think of the fall season? (select all that apply)

How do you stay cool during the warm months of the Summer (select all that apply)?

What are some activities you like to do in the Spring? (select all that apply)

What topic area(s) would you like discussed during our next Ask Me Anything focusing on care partners (select all that apply)?

What are you doing this month to raise awareness of MS? (select all that apply)

What are your favorite activities you enjoy during the Winter season? (select all that apply)

What type(s) of hobbies or activities do you participate in for fun or leisure? (select all that apply)

What are your favorite things you enjoy about autumn? Select all that apply.

Which members of your family are also living with MS or another type of autoimmune condition? (select all that apply)

What type(s) of MS support resources would you recommend for someone who is newly diagnosed with MS? (select all that apply)

What type(s) of healthcare professional are you currently consulting as part of your management of MS? (select all that apply)

What topic(s) do you wish others, without MS, had a greater knowledge of – so they could better understand the challenges of MS?

What commonly overlooked MS symptom would you like to learn more about from MSAA?

If you could ask ONE question to an MS expert on our My MSAA Community, which topic would best illustrate this?

How did you FIRST hear about our My MSAA Community powered by HealthUnlocked?

Have you gained new insights about MS since joining our online community?

How would you rate your overall experience with your MS healthcare team?

Did you know other people living with MS before joining this community?

How has MS affected your career?

Approximately how long did you have health concern(s) or symptom(s) before contacting a doctor?

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