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Mental Health Awareness Month: New Webinar

Hello, Community members - we wanted to let you know about the following upcomin...

where did my energy go?

I was diagnosed about 9 yrs ago. I believe I've had MS much longer but was diag...

So tired

So stressed Ms is whatever I always feel like I'm getting worse
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Private messaging

Help! How do I do it? I've been able to respond to private messages, but it do...

Little laughter 🤪

Have a great week 🙏👍🏼😉 🐾 🐾

Follow up on previous post

Okay, I had my sodium IV this morning. It is amazing! I feel like a different pe...

PPMS - hand stiffness

Good morning community, Is there anyone out there experiencing severe hand stiff...

Not a relapse

I have been dealing with some problems lately. I didn’t know if I was having a r...

good news??

I know epstein-barr virus (mono)has a strong connection to ms,i saw on the news ...

Ocrevus- kesimpta or in your wildest dreams a kale salad with strawberries and blueberries nuts & feta ?

Talked with neuro today about the active brainstem and thoracic lesions pendin...

disability creative Susan Nussbaum

Hi Everybody, I thought you might be interested in reading about this woman who...

Little laughter 🤣

Have a fabulous day 👍🏼🙏😉🐾🐾

Little laughter 🤪

Enjoy your day 👍🏼🙏😉

MS and Pain

Hello! I am curious and wonder how many people, like myself, get fairly unbeara...

Approval for Partially Favorable Disability

I would like to thank everyone for prayers and giving me insight of SSD about a ...

For once, a good change on the Neurologist front

Well, in January, I got my Ocrevus shot, seven hours after the insurance approva...

Little laughter 🤪

Have a great day 👍🏼🙏😉

Do you know someone with MS who also has Parkinson’s

Research suggests that the damage that MS causes to your brain can lead some peo...

It's your day enjoy it.

To all the moms enjoy your day.

Happy Mother's Dany

Hello Friends, today, in the States is a holiday. Maybe a hallmark holiday. I am...


Just wanted to ask if someone could tell me what symptoms you had to get the dia...


Enjoy your day 🙏🤗😉

How do I distinguish b/w a relapse and flair/new symptom

Please help me understand how do I distinguish b/w a relapse and flair/new sympt...


Have a Beautiful Day!!

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!! With Affection, Leslie

Query on Food habits

Hi MS family Learning about MS to help myself Do you consume dairy products ...


do we know of anyone personally,that actually passed away from ms? I know we get...

Happy Mother's Day to Everyone!

Happy Mother's Day, and enjoy time with your loved ones. Peace and Blessings ...

Idaho weather yesterday 😳

Enjoy your day 👍🏼🙏😉

Does MS make calf muscles numb ?

Have you experienced numbness around calf muscles portion of legs ?
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