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PLEASE can someone help me & advise a doc/specialist in UK who can help me

I’m sorry I write a long post. I have given my history and current health and at the bottom all of my test results. I’m in such a very desperate situation I do not know what else to do. I am in a very bad way health wise and I am reaching out to you in hope that you will take a couple of minutes to read this please. Your time is much appreciated. I need to find someone who truly thinks they can help me, I have seen so many doctors, specialist, nationalists etc. over the years and I need to find someone who really feels they can help me.

I started to get unwell at age 21 I am now 30. ….I have lost so much of my life and I am scared I am never going to get better or managed. It has got the point where I am 90% house bound and about 60% bedbound. My partner of 11 years left me last year because he couldn’t deal with my illness, I don’t blame him, and I have now through my local authority set up a carer to help me because I am on my own with 2 young children age 7 and 4. I also now get help from a nanny who my local authority pay towards who take my children to and from school. I am so pleased that i have finally got the support in place to ensure normality remains as much as possible for my children and I am hoping that I can now try and focus on me a bit more. But I am so scared because I can feel how sick I am getting and in all honesty I think sometimes my kids would be better without me because they have no life with me which completely breaks my heart. I am scared I am going to keep deteriorating and eventually not be able to look after my children anymore and I feel so frustrated because I just feel if I get the right support I could get better.

I don’t even know where to begin with telling you how I’m feeling and what’s going on, i will likely miss some things but here’s the most of it;

Chronic fatigue

Brain fog

Joint pains

Muscle weakness


Excess sweating in heat

Excessive drowsiness and blurred vision after eating carbs

Nausea and feeling really fatigued after eating fats like bacon

Chronic bloating

Foul smelling wind


Reactive hypoglycaemia with high spikes to around 200 where i experience extreme drowsyness and have to sleep.

Then subsequent drops in bloodglucose with symptoms of high and low glucose

Low blood pressure 90/40

Chronic drowsiness

Sores on my tongue

Eyes sensitive to light

Gallbladder dyskinesia low ejection rate

Slowed down

Feeling cold

severe pmt, extremely tearful for days at a time and very depressive

severe anxiety , agoraphobia and panick attacks during ovulation, high estrogen parts of my cycle

weak giddy during my menstruation

cold, anxious, bloated, post prandial tierdness, tounge sores increase during follicle phase and reduce during menstruation

What I’ve done so far;

From the start of my symptoms it took 5 years and flying to France to see a specialist that I was diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency and put on hydrocortisone. I was told I was borderline and my adrenal saliva profiles the 5 years prior to this diagnoses had shown low ranges. I actually only started the hydrocortisone one year ago. This has help the smallest bit at some points in the day for an hour but I actually think I am a lot worse since starting this.

I was living off porridge with flaxseed for breakfast then oatcakes with almond nut butter during the day and then chicken and veg in the evening for 2 years. But back in June I become so extremely unwell and had an adrenal crises and ended up in hospital. I came out and was bed bound and and I decided to change my diet. I am extremely underweight but I react to so much food by sensitivities and also blood glucose fluctuations that’s why I lived on this diet. But I realised I couldn’t forever.

I introduced more protein and fats such as chicken, eggs, bacon, avocados and cashew and almond nuts but I actually feel like my body cannot digest this food. I eat the food and fall to sleep, like the energy I have is all getting used to digest and I then feel nauseous and bloated, burning in my tummy and have floating stools. So I now have gone on to eating homemade soups with chicken avocado, greens and in the evening chicken and vegetable soups and stews.

I have noticed a mild improvement in myself since starting the soups and stews and redusing my carbs and cutting out gluten. I don't find I am as sleepy after eating. I have completely cut out gluten including oats which I think has helped. But I still feel bloated, sick, burning in my stomach after some meals on top of all the other symptoms I am living with.

I know my adrenals are shot but i can tell when im low cortisol and some of these symptoms are notlow cortisol and not relived from taking hydrocortizone.

I know my whole bodies a mess and I was trying to sort out my cortisol for years and ignoring my digestion but I do think I need to focus on this to. But I am at such a loss and feel so unwell and so overwhelmed with trying to figure out what to do I just can’t cope with it anymore, I was always so strong and for 9 years have researched and not gave up hope but I just feel I can’t do this anymore, I’ve not got the physical or emotional strength anymore and I know if I get anymore sicker I will lose my children because their father will just take them from me and then I will have nothing.

I have paid so much over the years in tests and I have been told I am borderline hypothyroid, borderline diabetic, have mild pcos, endometreoisis and low vitamin d and ferritin and other things to but I just feel I cant do this on my own anymore I just feel so overwhelmed.

Please can you help me? . I’m sorry it’s like an essay, and I’m sorry to bother you but thank you for your time in reading this. Im hoping I can find a doctor in uk, hopefully London, ive been reading about Alyssa burns hill but im scared of her not helping me.

here are some of my test results below, there are a lot of results biut i felt itbest to include everything....thank you..

I paid for a whole series of blood tests. They was taken on day 4 of my period, I had fasted for 12 hours. I was salt fasted for 24 hours and remained sitting up prior to the test and during the test so the aldosterone and renin tests were accurate. The bloods were taken at 9am. I take hydrocortisone 15mg a day and took my last dose of 2.5mg at 8pm the night before the test. I was taking no supplimenst or anything else around the time of the test.


Aldosterone 399.0 pmol/L Upright 100 - 800 pmol/L Supine 100 - 8450pmol/L

RENIN 66.2 mU/L Upright 5.4 - 60 mU/L Supine 5.4 - 30 mU/L

Aldosterone:Renin ratio 6 <80 Conn's Unlikely

FSH 6.1 U/L

LH 11.9

Oestradiol 106 pmol/L

Prolactin 144 mU/L 102 - 496

Cortisol (basal) 449 nmol/L (171 - 536) (BASAL 171-536, EVENING 64 - 327)

Free T3 4.8 pmol/L (3.1 - 6.8)

Thyroid stimulating hormone 2.310 mU/L (0.270 -4.200)

Free T4 14.0 pmol/L (12 - 22)


WBC 4.90 x10^9/L (4.0 - 11.0)

RBC 4.43 x10^12/L (3.80 -5.80)

Haemoglobin 135 g/L (120 - 150) R

HCT 0.41 ratio (0.36 -0.46)

MCV 93.0 fL (80.0 -100.0)

MCH 30.4 pg (27.0 -32.0)

MCHC 326 g/L (315 - 345)

Platelets 241 x10^9/L (140 - 440)

RDW 11.8 (0.0 - 14.0) **

MPV 9.3 fL

Neutrophils(Abs) 2.58 10^9/L (2.0 - 7.5)

Lymphocytes (Abs) 1.69 10^9/L (1.5 - 4.0)

Monocytes (Abs) 0.44 10^9/L (0.2 - 0.8)

Eosinophils (Abs) 0.22 10^9/L (0.0 - 0.4)

Basophils (Abs) 0.02 10^9/L (0 - 0.1)

CRP <0.3 mg/L (0 - 5)


Sodium 139 mmol/L (133 - 146)

Potassium 4.2 mmol/L (3.5 - 5.3)

Urea 4.9 mmol/L (2.8 - 7.8)

Creatinine 56 umol/L (45 - 84)

estimated GFR (eGFR) >90 ml/min


Total bilirubin 5 umol/L (0 - 21)

Alkaline phosphatase (ALP) 65 Iu/L (30 - 130)

ALT 11 Iu/L (0 - 33)

GGT 8 Iu/L (UP TO 40)

Total Protein 78 g/L (60 - 80)

Albumin 49 g/L (35 - 50)

Globulin 29 g/L (18 - 35)

AST 16 Iu/L (UP TO 32)

Lactate dehydrogenase 171 Iu/L (135 - 214)

Serum Calcium 2.39 mmol/L (2.2 - 2.6)

Albumin 49 g/L (35 - 50)

Adjusted Calcium 2.30 mmol/L (2.20 -2.60)

Uric Acid 278 umol/L (140 - 360)

Glucose 3.8 mmol/L (4.2 - 6.1) **


Cholesterol 3.94 mmol/L (0.0 - 5.2)

Triglycerides 0.54 mmol/L (2.26) *

HDL cholesterol 1.41 mmol/L (> 1.68)

Cholesterol/HDL ratio 2.8 ( <5)

Low density lipoprotein 2.28 mmol/L (2.5 - 4.5) **

% HDL/Total Cholesterol 35.79 %

B12 687 ng/L (191 - 663) **

Folate (serum) 5.4 ug/L (4.6 - 18.7)


UIBC 60.0 umol/L

Iron 17.0 umol/L (6.6 - 30.4)

Total iron binding Capacity 77.0 umol/L (41-77)

Transferrin saturation 22.1 % (20-55)

Ferritin 13.1 ug/L (13 - 400)

Ferritin 13.1 ug/L (13 - 400)

Vitamin D 24.5 nmol/L Reported

<25 nmol/L: Severe Vitamin D deficiency

25-75 nmol/L:Borderline ranging to insufficiency

75-200 nmol/L: Optimally replete

>250 nmol/L:Possible toxicity, if sustained

This test was taken a couple of months later:

Autoimmune profile – normal no action

Mitochondrial antibody level – negative

Anti smooth muscle autoantibodies – negative

Panetal cell autoanitibodies – negative

Reticulin antibody titre – negative

Anti liver kidney micro ab lev – negative

Serum vitamin D – 71 nmol/l

Erthrocyte sedimentataion rate – 9 mm/h (0-15)

Total white cell count - 6.5 10*9/L (3.5-10.0010*9/L)

Red blood cell count - 4.14 10*12/L (3.8-5.0010*12/L)

Haemaglobin estimation - 119g/L (115.00-145.00g/L)

Haematocrit - 0.360L/L (0.36-0.46L/L)

Mean Corpuscular volume (MCV) - 87Fl (84-98)

Mean Corusc. Haemoglobin (MCH) - 28.7pg (27.5-32)

Mean Corpusc. HB conc (MCHC) - 331g/L (300-360)

Red cell distrubition width - 15.1% (<14.50%)

Platelet count - 194 10.9/L (150-400 0010*9/L)

Neutrophil count 3.3 - 10.9/L (1-3.5010*9/L)

Lymphocyte count - 2.0 10*9/l (1-3.5010*9/L)

Monocyte count 0.8 - 10.9/L (0.31.0010*9/L)

Eosinophil count - 0.3 10*9/L (<0.401089/L)

Basophil count - 0.1 10*9/L (<0.1010*9/L)

Serum folate - 4ug/L (3-20)

Serum ferritin - 8ug/L (10-200)

Vitamin B12 - 632 ng/L (200-910)

TSH - 3.04 mu/L (0.35-5)

Free T4 - 11pmol/L (9-22)

Liver function tests

Total bilirubin level - 7umol/L (1-21)

ALT - 9 U/L (1-50)

Blood calcium level 2.16 mmol//L

Corrected serum calcium level – 2.14 mmol/L (2.20-2.60)

Serum inorganic phosphate - 1.44mmol/L (0.8-1.50)

Serum alkaline phosphatease – 54 U/L (30-130)

Serum total protein 69 g/L (60-80)

Serum albumin - 40 g/L (35-50)

Serum globulin - 29 g/L(22-40)

Serum sodium - 136 mmol/L (133-146)

Serum potassium - 4mmol (3.5-5.3)

Serum urea level - 3.8 (2.50-7.8)

Serum creatinine - 49 umol/L (20-103)

Plasma C reactive protein - 0.3mg/L (<5.00mg/l)

Here are all of my thyroid tests over the years:

APRIL 2008

Total T4- 110 (58 - 154nmol/l)

TSH 0.92 (0.4 - 4 mIU/L)

Free T4 21.4 (10 - 22 pmol/l)

Free T3 4.59 (2.8 - 6.5 pmol/L)

FT4:FT3 ratio 4.68 (2 - 4.5)

Reverse T3 not done

Thyroglobulin TG <20 (0 - 40 IUmL)

Peroxidase TPO 11.5 ( 0 - 35 IUml)


Total T4- 78.9 (58 - 154nmol/l)

TSH 0.758 (0.4 - 4 mIU/L)

Free T4 12 (10 - 22 pmol/l)

Free T3 3.96 (2.8 - 6.5 pmol/L)

FT4:FT3 ratio 3.0 (2 - 4.5)

Reverse T3 0.32 (0.14 - 0.54pmol/ml)

Thyroglobulin TG <20 (0 - 40 IUmL)

Peroxidase TPO 11.5 ( 0 - 35 IUml)


TSH 0.82

Free T4 12.3

Free T3 3.4

DECEMBER 2011 - whilst on the contraceptive pill

TSH 0.89

Free T4 16.3

MAY 2012 - whilst on the contraceptive pill

TSH 1.05

Free T4 15.8


Total T4- 80.6 (58 - 154nmol/l)

TSH 0.910 (0.4 - 4 mIU/L)

Free T4 12.7 (10 - 22 pmol/l)

Free T3 4.66 (2.8 - 6.5 pmol/L)

FT4:FT3 ratio 2.7 (2 - 4.5)

Reverse T3 NOT DONE

Thyroglobulin TG <20 (0 - 40 IUmL)

Peroxidase TPO 11.3 ( 0 - 35 IUml)


TSH 2.310

Free T4 14

Free T3 4.8


TSH 1.28

Free T4 10.9

JUNE 2014

Total T4- 56.6 (58 - 154nmol/l)

TSH 1.58 (0.4 - 4 mIU/L)

Free T4 10.5 (10 - 22 pmol/l)

Free T3 4.85 (2.8 - 6.5 pmol/L)

FT4:FT3 ratio 2.2 (2 - 4.5)

Reverse T3 0.23 (0.14 - 0.54pmol/ml)

Thyroglobulin TG <20 (0 - 40 IUmL)

Peroxidase TPO 15.1 ( 0 - 35 IUml)

July 2014

TSH - 3.04 mu/L (0.35-5)

Free T4 - 11pmol/L (9-22)

Thank you

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You have all the classic signs and symptoms of hypoadrenalism and hypothyroidism. You are too low in Vit D, folate and iron.

My guess would be that you possibly have central hypothyroidism and hypoadrenalism - possibly stemming from your pituitary.

Have you ever had a head injury?

My own experience has similarities to yours and I can tell you from experience that you are at the beginning of a rocky, bumpy road to improvement. Treating your adrenals with just hydrocortisone is just scraping the surface.

I have been treating adrenals/thyroid for 18 months and I'm improving slowly and steadily. For adrenals I take 17.5mg hydrocrotisone split dosed, 4 x Nutri Adrenal Extra, 1 x AdrenoMax and 3g Vit C.

For thyroid I take 50mcg thyroxine, 3 nutri thyroid, 3 x thyro max. I also take Vit D and selenium.

It's a long, slow process and what works for one, doesn't for another.

I will PM you the names of some doctors.

My suggestion would be to start by working on your folate, iron and Vit D. You can buy supplements online or in any chemist. I see you've already gone gluten free, so maybe look at the paleo diet. I was on it seriously for several months and it's quite easy once you get the hang of it. it's gentler on the insides as it is stodge free. No potatoes, pasta, rice, what. Lots of vegetables, salad and meat.

After a few weeks of supplementing your vits and minerals, then start working on your adrenals. All the products I take can be purchased easily online.

From experience I'd say only start one new supplement at a time, then if you react badly you know which one caused the problem. What works for one doesn't for another.

Supplements such as the nutri adrenal extra should be started at a low dose and built up very slowly. The more ill you are, the harder they can be to tolerate.


Hi thanks so much for your reply and email it is very much appreciated. I have had a few bumps to the head, but none that I think are major. All of this started 6 weeks after I stopped the contraceptive pill...

can I ask why you take the adrenal sups when you are on hydrocortisone? I was on 15mg of hydrocortisone and it felt to low but it took me a long time to increase it. I originally started on the glandular years ago when I first got unwell but I found them very stimulating.

I was given a prescription for thyroxin but i have not started it yet because I am scared it will make me more sick..

My blood sugars are so bag, for instance yesterday I eat some soup and it went up to this point I had the most over whelming drowsiness, heavy eyes and had to sleep. When I woke up an hour later my blood sugar was at 7.5 and I had adrenal pain and was anxious and shaking but the intense drowsiness and blurred vision had gone.

Thank you for your suggestions, I will start with the supplements as you have suggested.

Re the doc you emailed to me, does he just specialise in homeopathy? does he prescribe suggest bio identical hormones and other things? have you been working with him for long? and have you have much improvement?

Your time and help with this is very much appreciated.

Many thanks


From the doctor's website you wouldn't know what he does. He did prescribe one homoeopathic remedy the first time I saw him, but the rest have been regular supplements. He also prescribe Erfa NDT, but I wasn't able to take it so went back to my combination of thyroxine/Nutri Thyroid.


Bless you for what you have been going through.

If you are not taking any supplements, and until you see a doctor, perhaps it is a good idea to start taking folate, b12, iron and vitamin C to boost all these levels, as you are are definitely anaemic. It's best to opt for iron bisglycinate as it is gentler on your guts and will not encourage candida growth.

As I suspect you may have bacterial and candida overgrowth in your intestines.

Add some b-complex to this (they'll help you with energy, conversion of carbs, and will ease your anxiety)

Vitamin D needs some boost, too.

Once these levels are corrected and your anaemia has been addressed, the weakness and dizziness will hopefully disappear, and you'll feel stronger. Bear in mind it might a take a few weeks before you begin to feel some improvements.

You have done very well to eliminate wheat and oat. Eliminate grains, sugar and dairy, too, to avoid those spikes in your sugar levels which ultimately drain your adrenals even more.

Have you tried eating fish and cooked green vegetables? they should be easy to digest and hopefully will not cause you any bloating

It is one baby step at a time and you'll get there in the end.


Hi thanks for your message to me, it is much appreciated. I have tried vitamin c before and I find it so stimulating it makes me feel really horrible.

I had refrained from iron because of suspected candida and I never realised that bisclycinate didn't encourage this, so thank you for that!

My diet is mainly vegetables and meat, I need to increase my fish intake to.

Thanks again for your help!


So, what are you doing about the very low ferritin? Apart from losing hair perhaps?

It seems to have been overlooked by everyone. At the very least get some spa tone sachets. ( from tesco, asda or your local chemist). Low ferritin won't help your thyroid status.

Here are some links about the problem caused by low ferritin:

G Xx


hi thanks for your reply, I have not been doing anything for the low ferritin, my GP has told me that my iron is fine because all the other iron levels were normal,

I do loose hair yes but not excessively...

I have also bought some spa tone but I have been reluctant to start anything because I know I am in a bad way and im scared I will get any worse and I want to treat everything in the right order.. thanks for your message its much appreciated


Bless you, I hope that the advice above provides you with some support whilst you are researching Rosetrees' suggestions. Do make use of the wonderful member support on this site to help you when you feel low. {{{hugs}}}


Thank you for your kind words and messages of support.x



I couldn't believe your post when I read it - I could have written it myself! I'm 32, can barely do anything anymore, lost my full time job, cant walk anywhere, can barely eat. We have exactly the same symptoms, and I too have gone through similar dietary changes and problems with digestion - which persist. I've been through 2 private doctors, 2 nutritionists and am right now desperately looking for decent Endo to help get my thyroid and adrenals under control. The fatigue is crippling, but for me the distress of the stomach issues is the worst - I can not eat anything without reacting with the burning and huge bloating. I've gone through periods where it has gotten a bit better with the use of HCL, digestive enzymes and just eating the basic introductory Specific Carbohydrate Diet, but when I've had periods testing other foods or having breakdowns and eating things I shouldn't like grain or sugar then the problems come back tenfold. What I'm trying to say is, I sympathize completely! And we both seem to need to find the same kind of treatment to get back on track. I have a great nutritionist at the moment who is helping me find a suitable doctor - I'm speaking to her tomorrow so I'll let you know what she says and who she suggests.

Keep fighting, and if you get any response that's helpful please do let me know too, I'm desperate and things are only getting worse. Jen xx


Hi thanks for your message, I am so sorry you are going through this to! it is so hard especially when you feel so alone in it.

Do you have children? Have you been officially diagnosed with low cortisol or thyroid problems. Until I was diagnosed I had absolutely no help from endocrinologists, I say 15 endocrinologist and many private so called top doctors and got no where. Saying that since being diagnosed its been a tad better but I still feel like im hitting my head on the wall, they just don't have to time to really work with me. Im getting sicker but just get no help.

I feel I need to find someone who is a doctor and works with biodentical hormones but also specialises in nutrition, diet, a whole body approach because I think this is what will be needed to help me.

Would you mind telling me a bit more about your nutritionist, what they have done for you, have you improved much? where abouts do you live and see this nutrionist, maybe you could private message me if you don't mine.?

I will send you any information I get about doctors and things,

big hugs to you xx


Hi, I dont have children no. I cant imagine how hard it must be to look after them with this illness. Most days I can barely speak or move so I understand how frightening and awful it must be for you.

I have had no diagnoses from the NHS (as yet). I have a private doctor who has diagnosed adrenal dysfunction (mine is too much cortisol), and hypothyroidism. I started taking Erfa 2 months ago, and instantly felt a bit better, but since then there have been major complications and at the moment I feel iller than ever, most likely due to deficiencies in B12, ferritin etc, that must be optimised for the Erfa to take effect. I'm working on it, but its slow because I am dependent on private appointments to get blood tests, prescriptions etc and my current private doc is not very responsive and he is in Bristol, when I'm in Cardiff, and can only travel on good days. I am desperately seeking a new doctor, have been for a while, but its been impossible to find someone with the Endo credentials as well as being a functional medicine practitioner (as allopathic medicine has so far ignored my condition completely, or made it worse by prescribing me things like proton pump inhibitors and antibiotics for 10 years, completely messing up my digestion).

I'm looking for the exact kind of doctor that you mention above. My 2 previous doctors have been functional medicine practitioners, but neither have endo expertise, and both failed to identify hypothyroidism and adrenal dysfunction in me. They concentrated purely on the gastro symptoms, treating things like candida, SIBO, leaky gut, hypochloridia etc. I never stopped researching over the years and got to a place where I suspected adrenal dysfunction and hypothyroidism myself. I then found my nutritionist Tanya Borowski ( , who is excellent, and basically got me diagnosed with hypothyroidism and has helped me to treat my adrenals, however she can not prescribe things like NDT so I had to go back to my previous private doc for the prescription. Going back and fore between practitioners, and my doc not having the expertise to support me through taking the Erfa, has been seriously stressful, and it looks like I might have further problems with my HPA axis, hence looking for a doc that can support me all round. I really hope to have news on this later this afternoon when I've spoken to Tanya - she works with other functional medicine practitioners so may have a suggestion on who to see.

I'll let you know what happens later today. Jen xx


15mg of hydro is low. I've just started mine again, against drs wishes as my baseline cortisol was 195nmol and the drs refused to do anything.

When I'm in full flow I take 10mg upon waking, 10mg at 12.30 lunch time and 5mg at 5pm!

I'd say your not on enough hydro and your vit d needs addressing quickly with high dose vit d3 suppliments taken with k2. If you've not had b12 tested you need to as low cortisol and b12 deficiency (and vit d deficiency) go hand in hand. I'd say you need folate too.

Looks like your thyroid is all over too.


Hi I have noticed that the second set of tests shows your calcium is low. I would have your calcium tested again, along with a PTH test (your parathyroid hormone), phosphate and your vitamin D tested again all at the same time. I would also have a 24hr urine test to check for calcium, magnesium and protein in the urine.

It is possible from all the symptoms you mentioned that you could be suffering from Hypoparathyroidism. This is different to hypothyroid and is quite rare and causes havoc with your mind and body. There are a number of causes, some quite easy to treat, but first would be to check the bloods as above as the PTH needs to be checked alongside the calcium. If you get your results I will look at them for you. I am not a doctor but may be able to help in this area.

Your calcium previously was normal this also indicates there could be a problem as calcium should not fluctuate that much. It may be you will need to have the above tests done a few times to rule this out. A doctor will want to see your calcium level low on more than one occasion to diagnose.

Hypoparathyroidism some of the symptoms below:

Muscle pains.

Tummy (abdominal) pains.

Tingling, vibrating, burning or numbness of the fingers, toes or face.

Twitching of the muscles of the face.

Contraction, or tightening, of the muscles of the hands and feet).


Confusion. Brain fog

Memory problems.


Eyesight problems.


Brittle nails.

Dry skin and hair.

Painful periods.

Anxiety and Depression

You do not need to have all these symptoms

I do hope you get sorted soon as you sure are going through a tough time. God bless Take care xxxxx


I have developed increasing issues with food to the point where this time last year I had only a few things I could eat that didn't cause a reaction. I felt better eating nothing at all - except of course that made me feel ill as I was hungry.

I ended up on a meal replacement drink that did not contain anything I knew I reacted to and I stayed on solely that for a while - it was gluten free, dairy free etc and tasted vile. I then switched to introducing one food at a time - starting with foods I knew I reacted to before challenging everything else (much like an elimination diet). My reactions were so marked that it became clear what I needed to avoid. I have been able to eat since then by avoiding all the foods I react to. It's not been an answer to all my health problems, but it has enabled me to eat without fear and I have no digestive issues now except I do have to stay on top of my bowel/constipation.


Dear Bettieboop,

Full admiration for writing this huge post- I know I could not have done it.

I totally understand your plight and would like to help.

I also felt that I am going round in ever-decreasing circles until last week that is...

However, I may have some information that will help.

If I may send you PM I will share it with you.

Hugs & Hope,

Poppy The cat



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