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Bloods - please can someone advise me

I am on levo. I had a TT 2 years ago and am thinking about asking for NDT because my memory has turned to fog, my cholesterol is high despite always having been normal, heart is always thumping and I always seem to be ill (sore throat, aches/pains). Does anybody else have any of these symptoms (well, apart from memory issues - which sadly seem to be v. common)

TSH 0.42 mU/L

Serum free T3 4.6 pmol/L

Serum free T4 15.9 pmol/L

Serum cholesterol 6.2 mmol/L

Thanks so much


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We would need to know the ranges for your tests to make any sense of them. Are you able to get hold of these?


Hi Louisa,

Could you pop the lab ranges on (their usually in brackets) after your result, as lab ranges do differ across the country it will enable someone to come in and advise you.




Hi Loopybird and Numberone1

There is nothing else on the print out apart from what I have put in the email. I will ask my surgery tomorrow. Thanks for your help.



Even without the reference ranges it looks likely that your T3 is on the lower end of normal. The T3 ranges don't seem to vary quite as much as the T4 ranges, where the top of one range can be the same as the bottom of the range from another lab.

As you have no thyroid of your own, it is likely you might benefit from the addition of some T3 in some form. You should be able to ask for a referral to an endocrinologist who may or may not prescribe T3. In their guidelines it does state that T3 can be tried if T4 only isn't working adequately. Even the addition of a small amount of T3 can make a huge difference for some people, however others find that they need T3 only and others are fine with levothyroxine.

I had the same symptoms and more whilst on levo. I am experiencing far fewer symptoms now that I am on NDT, but it's still early days :)

Carolyn x


Carolyn i- thank you so much for your really helpful reply. I am seeing my GP on Monday and will be asking for an endo appt so the information youve given me is really useful. Glad to hear you are feeling better too. ;-) Louisa


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