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please see my latest test results

Hi all

Please can you take a gander at my latest test results.

red blood cell distribution width = 14.2 % high

basophil count = 0 10*9/L

haematocrit = 36.2% low

lymphocyte count = 2 10*9/L

total white cell count =3.8 10*9/L low

red blood cell count (rbc) count = 4.33 10*12/L

platelet count = 198 10*9/L

neutrophil count = 1.4 10*9/L low

monocyte count = 0.3 10*9/L

mean corpuscular volume (mcv) = 83.6 fl

mean corpusc. hb. conc. (mchc) = 331 g/L

mean corpus haemoglobin (mch) = 27.7 pg

haemoglobin estimation = 120 g/L

eosinophil count = 0 10*9/L low

gfr calculated abbreviated mddd > 90ml/min/1.73m*2 original results 90ml/min/1.73m 2

serum urea level = 2.2 mmol/L

serum total protein = 66g/L

serum total protein = 66g/L

serum sodium = 137 mmol/L

serum potassium = 3.9 mmol/L

serum creatinine = 63 umol/L

corrected serum calcium level = 2.3 mmol/L

serum total bilirubin level = 11 umol/L

alt/sgpt serum level = 11 iu/L

serum alkaline phosphatase = 26 IU/L Low

serum alkaline phosphatase = 26 IU/L Low

serum albumin = 38 g/L

serum albumin = 38 g/L

serum transferrin = 2.6 g/L

serum free t4 level = 11.4 pmol/L

serum 25 hydroxy vitamin d3 level = 104 nmol/L <30 nmol/L deficient

transferrin saturation index = 14 % low

serum tsh level = 1.81 mU/L

serum ferritin = 40 ug/L

serum iron level = 9.2 umol/L

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I will leave others to comment on your blood test but is your TSH 180? Are you on levothyroxine?


1.81 sorry miss spelt


O.K. The doctor would be quite happy with that result but how are you feeling re hypo. Most of us feel better when TSH is around 1 and some of us lower.

Do you have the ranges for your other tests? I know the list is long but labs differ in their equipment and therefore ranges are too.

If you do and can insert them - on the R/h side after Follow Post press the down arrow and select Edit. This allows you to make any changes to your original post.



i don't have the ranges as that the way it was printed out.

I have been having a lot of muscle twitching all over, my body feels as though I am getting unwell again as its seized up :( my muscles are tight and I feel as though my body is starting to swell up, my tongue has and this morning I tried on my shoes and they could not fit, very tight. this has only been over the last couple of weeks! and I am starting to feel the inflammation in my body.



It's time to see GP again. Phone and ask if there's a cancellation as you shouldn't be having swelling in your body nor twitching, particularly your tongue so she will have to sort that out pronto.

You might be having an allergic reaction which she should sort out now if it's due to something in levo.

Ask if you can have a Free T3 blood test too as that will show low or very low if your T4 isn't converting sufficiently. Always have the earliest appointment for a thyroid blood test and fast. Take levo afterwards.

She also didn't test your B12 which might be deficient.



I actually don't feel like there fight left in me, I have just found out that I have a blocked duct on my groin, with all of the other symptoms and more I am really starting to feel as though I am over it :(

I have told her about the muscle twitching for months!!!!!!!


I understand how you feel because when first diagnosed and medicated it comes as a huge surprise that we're either no better or worse.

I'm sorry too you have another problem in your groin and that must cause symptoms.

I think you are just exhausted trying to work something out as the GP seems incapable.

Put up a new Post and giving your area ask if anyone can recommend an Endo in your area and send info by Private Message to you. If you want a private Endo email and put the name up too.


Your Vit D levels are low, muscle twitch is just one of the symptoms among others, Am I right in thinking your Vit B12 levels will be low, re your red cells and swollen tongue ,and your lymphocytes being low is characteristic of being ill will auto immune, although, history of cancer treatment, aids hepatitis can draw them down also. I can only get mine up if I have steroids for my asthma :)

go and kick butt, you need the B12, your heart needs it. Also look at your diet, you need K2 to process B12 thats why oral B12 is no use,(we lose the K2 us auto immune folk due to the digestive system running below par) you have have text book symptoms for B12.


My doctors has said that my Vit D is high and I only need to supplement my dosage once a month. I eat well juice a lot with Kale and Spinach etc!!!!!!

my B12 may be low it probably is likewise a lot of the rest of them.


oh my mistake, its the way i read it, actually its about right, ;) so maintain it :) wish I had one that good lol


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