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does anyone wear Mediven Active stockings?

Hello am new to this site, just wondered if anyone has a problem with water (shower, bath ) on there lower legs with lymph

as i cannot stand water on them. they feel like my skin is stretching and going ...

Stocking care

So far I have been machine washing my stockings but go on holiday tomorrow and w...
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Red lower legs!!

My lower legs, just above my ankles on the front of the legs, are always red fir...

Could anyone recommend me to a private facebook lymphoedema group? Thanks :)

Let's get our act together!

Are you a wee bit disappointed with this new site? So am I - but admit that I am...

Hi everyone out there- are there any runners with leg lympho who want to share tips?

Hello to Everybody!Are there any other guys on here with lower limb / torso lymphodema?

Mine is secondary lympho following on 5 years after cancer treatment - radiation...

where can I get more information on lymphoedema in the legs and ankle? Just learned that I have it.

Does anyone experience their legs burning under the stocking when walking 1st thing in the morning?

Sometimes its so bad if I am out I am almost in tears and physically have to fin...

Welcome to everybody from a Newbie!

Want to say Hi to other members of this community and hope that it is a place wh...

Keep coming across ESA in blogs. Can anyone tell me what it is please?

Abdominal lymphoedema

As well as lymphoedema in both legs and my right arm it appears I have it in my ...

In need of support

Hi am new to the site,i have been reading some of the blogs on here which is ver...

are any ladies out there in the 60ish age group?

I have lymphoedema in my leg and would love to discuss fashion ideas and tips

my compression stockings are working on my lower legs but my foot remains the problem

i have tried the toe cap and works on the toes but not on the top of the foot do...

I have developed sores in the webs of my fingers from wearing compression garments, can anyone suggest anything to help?

I've already tried the silicon tape but this doesn't help.

Like like the kinesiology tape but I am allergic to it, tried two different sorts, anyone know if they make one that is non allergic.

Office work

Ive got another question and hope you can help! I work all day sitting behind ...


Advice please! I've just started wearing compression thigh high stocking 24/7 a...

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