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Any ideas please I have been engaged in the battle with my legs for the last year continuous bandaging or farrow wraps

Worked brilliantly until this Christmas and suddenly my left leg, the worse one...

Christmas day flew past but Here is Boxing day and I just popped on to say

Happy Christmas to everyone and happy 2014 to you all May every one have a pea...

How and where I can get my support stocking and comfort shoes?

I am suffering of swealing leg in my right leg for about 28 years, now I am 43 w...
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I wear Farrow wraps permanently on my legs as have lymphodema in both.

The left is the worst. I use Farrows as I have a crumbling spine an these are e...

Can anyone recommend a good place to buy knee high boots? I have secondary Lymphoedema in my right leg and half a large ankle and calf

Has anyone had or heard of endermologie? It has been suggested to me by a dermatologist, to reduce the swelling in my calf.

It is a treatment used for reducing cellulite and has been used in the treatment...

I have just joined today and am wondering if any one with the same condition can give me any help.

In March I had a WLE&SNB on left breast then 15 sess of Radiotherapy. 2month ago...

Update on my surgery in Belgium

Thank you to everyone who has sent me their good wishes. I have now returned fro...

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