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Cellulitis - candida - cellulitis - candida...

Hi! I'm new to this community, but I'd like to ask if there is anyone who finds ...

Lymphoedema clinics and care for children in UK

The Children's Lymphoedema Special Interest Group (CLSIG) is trying to put toget...

Does anyone find they can do more with compression sleeves on?

I am going back to temporary work and could either do full time or part time, of...
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Is it safe to apply coban 3 bandaging over a compression stocking to treat primary lymphadema of the lower leg?

UPDATE--(Disability Living Allowance for Lower Limb Lymphoedema) Both tribunal hearings refused !

Has anyone successfully been awarded DLA regarding their Lymphoedema.? I have ab...

Multi-Layer Lymphoedema Bandaging

I am shortly to start a three week period of intensive Multi-Layer Lymphoedema B...

Yes or no; Laser liposuction for primary lympheodema thats in fatty 'bubble wrap' type form (well what's left is).

I have primary lympheodema. Through self treatment I have reduced this radicall...

After an age - it must be nearly six months

I am seeing the Nurse on Monday to have a leg review and new Farrow wraps I hope...

I am on day five on bandaging on my full leg for the first time. What results should I expect? I am 36 and have secondary Lymphoedema.

Hi folks I'm new here, my 10 year old has primary lymphadema and also suffers from a few other things, are there any other parents on here ?

Just wondering if there are any parents on here with kids who suffer ? X

Does anyone of you girls manage to play golf? I'm finding that playing even a few holes makes my arm swell.

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