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my compression stockings are working on my lower legs but my foot remains the problem

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i have tried the toe cap and works on the toes but not on the top of the foot does anyone have any suggestions please? :)

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Hi lisa28 I have the same problem and what my lymphoedema nurse has suggested is that I wear two stockings a full length stocking and a stronger stocking just to the knee which seems to keep the swelling around my foot and ankle down a bit. Hope this helps.

I have the same problem! Have tried both 'toe'd' stockings and open toed! I found the open toes rode up my foot and the others compressed my toes!! I tried massaging my feet in an upwards direction which helps a bit. Now I just put my feet up as much as possible (!) and that helps a little too. Good luck, it's an ongoing problem I know!

the only thing that helped me was to elevate my feet everytime im sitting, not always convieniant but when im at home i have too

Hi Lisa28

I agree with a double layer of compression if you can tolerate it. There are anklets available to assist with foot swelling or another alternative would be a Farrow wrap footpiece which you could apply when at home. Elevation is good but if you are very active then extra compression would be best.

I wear a full length and also a knee length over the top. The shorter one is a much lower compression rating. I started doing this a few years ago and have gone from having to have footwear made to wearing standard stuff. It can make the top of my foot a bit sore sometimes and it can by irritating but a small price compared to the benefit. See my profile pic for the dramatic effect it has from the knee down. reading the otherresponses, it seems this is a common solution.

Thank u all my nurse suggested the anklet but apparently couldn't get one in my size which I found abit confusing, I will ask again though, I have gone up 2 sizes in shoes and can't really wear what I use to. Thank u all again x

I wear a knee length stocking, an ankle stocking with inserts to apply extra pressure round my ankle bone, tight trainers and I put my feet up at every opportunity ;-). A real boot and braces approach but me foot is benefitting from the extra attention.

I have the same problem- my nurse noticed my full length closed toe stockings were not getting pulled up hign enough over my ankle ridge, this was causing the opposite effect of wearing the stockings making my foot bigger as the stockings were stopping movement like a blockage.

had not known about two layers etc- will check this out- yet do put my feet up whenever I can.

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mazb in reply to cathyleigh

I have the class 2 hosiery up to the knee, after 5-6 weeks of multi-layer bandaging finished - which went ok, although my left foot, which was the worst one, (because of injuriries years ago) was not fully helped and flattened.

Now there's a lot of refill and I experience the same problem as that in the opening post, and this,


"...stockings were not getting pulled up high enough over my ankle ridge, this was causing the opposite effect of wearing the stockings making my foot bigger..."

as even though I had to ask for the short leg hosiery it is still too long for my (what must be really) short legs and so they do crease too much in the ankle crease, and i have suspected that is not good as I often have red itchy ridges there at the end of the day (as I do below my knee as the sock/hosiery is still too long and tight, in spite of having short and extra wide).

Mine is the same , have you tried laser treatment,, this is working for me it is a slow process but noticeable combined with Kineseo tape

I have primary lymphoedema and wear compression stockings. I wear closed toe knee length socks and they cover my feet and lower legs and keep the swelling in check.

i also have primary lymphoedema and also were compression stocking i now find it a struggle to get my stocking on because the swellingis really bad ,also have a flowtron machine which help and also do compression bandaging to try and get swelling down .my problem is i cant get shoes on .

I find wearing my trainers or a loafer type shoe stops the fluid collecting in my foot. I have also now got a pair of slippers which have an elasticated top and cover most of the foot area which helps a little too.

Sometimes the dorsum of the foot is very stubborn to reduce, you do need to make sure that the front of the ankle isn't being over compressed as the lymph from the foot needs to be able to pass across this area. Kinesio taping can be very effective at softening the tissues but you do need to be shown how to apply the K tape. Hivamat deep oscillation combined with the K-tape and compression garments or bandaging is generally my treatment of choice for this problem. results vary depending on the tissues - some tissues are fatty and some are holding a build up of proteins. Well fitting lace up or velcro full fronted shoes are also better if you can get them on as they offer additional compression.

Oh no!.. It upsets me to see you all struggling with this problem when there is a quite simple solution. After living with lymphoedema ( grade 11-111) of both legs for the last 40 years and suffering like you for about 35 of them I now wear shoes with a slight wedge heel to prevent creasing of the skin and compression garments at the front of the ankle.The shoes need to be leather, almost cover the whole foot and have small elastic inserts across the instep . The brand I have been wearing in the last 5 years are "kumfs"

.When you team them with black tights, under jeans/pants, they look like heeled boots. I even get compliments on my choice of shoe!

You might need to wear compression evernight at first until you get feet under control and then be to sure to put shoes on (squeeze them on) within 1/2 hour of getting out of bed!

I have secondary Lymphoedema in my right leg and I am currently awaiting bandaging. I have been measured for one of the thick stockings which is brilliant but my foot is still quite swollen especially my ankle meaning it's very hard to get shoes. I was given some contoured tubing rip which I use below knee for extra compression. Really works!

I seem to have the most problems with swelling in that area where the toes meet the foot. Bandaging seems very impractical there. I wear toe caps with open toe full length stockings but sometimes feels that the lymph backs up there at the foot. I've tried just putting a piece of foam on the top of my foot before putttng shoe on but worry that my toes are just becoming numb in all that compression. I think I will look into those "kumphs" that were suggested in a previous post.

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