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Flu jab reaction

I had a flu vaccination for the firs time ever 10 days ago in my arm - which doe...

Earing Loss from Lymphoedema

I have lymphoedema following surgery to my jaw for a cancer and I also had a 30 ...

Abdominal lymphoedema - Professor Mortimer

In the next of our series of questions to the professor, Professor Mortimer and ...
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Lymphflow Machine

Does anybody have a machine they may want to sell?

Revised COVID-19 vaccination guidance

Please note revised guidance… We’ve had lots of enquiries asking if it is safe t...

Revitive machine

Hi is the revitive machine recommended for lymphodema . I have it in both legs

Post SAPL recovery plan

Hello, I’ve had SAPL on my right leg a few weeks ago. I have primary in my right...

Does lymphoedema get worse as we age?

Professor Mortimer answers your questions.

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