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Has anyone used Juxtafit? What were the problems? Good results?

hi, are there any people with primary Lyphoedema in north London.Would be great to meet up.

I primary lyphodema in my left leg . flair ups of cellutis and now on low dose pencillian. But new thing is exzma does anybody else suffer

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are sports compression shorts any good

if you have congestion in the groin/abdomen would sports compression wear, which...

How much pain do people experience with their lymphoedema?

I have primary lymphoedema in my lower legs (right more than left), I also have ...

Please, let me know where I could buy the compression stockings with toe glove for lower leg. Thank for the help.

Just wondering if anyone is aware of any decent sport compression available for full leg?

I've got secondary lymphoedema in one leg, following on from surgery and treatme...

so what of these things are down to the lymphodema?

I have primary lymphodema. started in right foot after I had terrible sunburn an...

Has anyone used a full leg farrow wrap? Any issues?

Swimming and Lymph..

Hi Everyone I would like to ask does anyone know if its okay for a lymphie to ha...

what is a ball park figure for the cost of lymphodema microsurgery? I have heard that Oxford hospitals are not funding it through the N.H.S

My daughter has bad swelling in her abdomen and legs due to lymphodema

Do people with primary usually have a low immune system??

My immune system was quite low before chemotherapy for follicular lymphoma but h...

Living with Lymphoedema and now a new health issue

Hi...I was diagnosed with lyphoedema in both legs last October ...and am doing v...

Has anyone taken low molecular weight heparin to help their lymphodema ?


I am really annoyed with my lymphedema nurse, I was referred to her from a speci...

Does anyone know the recommended time that compression socks are still ok to wear, I have activa Lymph grade 2 ,

I've been told at clinic recently that I can now only have 2 pairs every 6 month...

Abdominal discomfort and stomach reflux with lower leg lymphoedema

Hi. I have secondary lymphoedema in both legs with the left being the worst. I w...

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