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Is the pain I have a 'normal' part of lymphoedema?

I have recently been diagnosed with lymphoedema after months and months of swell...

Another fearful newbie

Hello everyone, where to start? This is all quite new to me, during 5 years of b...

Is Lymphoedema classed as a disability for equality purposes?

Hey all, Would anyone happen to know if Lymphoedema is classed as a disabilit...
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Has anybody else had problems with toenails due to lymphoedema?

I have had primary lymphoedema for the last 30 years and in the last couple of y...

How do i get MLD on the NHS?

Hello, i've had lymphoedma in my right arm for thirteen years. I have been mana...

Does MLD really work?

I have lymphoedema in both my legs and currently wear thigh high support stockin...

Does anyone want to see my article on how to get treatment abroad? If so, email

BLS conference

The supplies for the LSN stand at the British Lymphology Society Conference are ...

Red rash query

During the summer, I found that if I was out and about on a sunny day, I ended u...

does anyone know where i can find extra wide (ankle and calf) wellies, fed up getting soaked walking to school and back? thankyou x

How do you find the support for lymphoedema sufferers in the hospitals in the UK?

What kind of support do you get? Does your lymphoedema specialist provide massg...

Has anyone heard of (or had) the lymphoedema by-pass surgery?

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