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A little girl is fighting for our cause ! Let's not give up the fight!

watch this :

Tweets from the BLS (2) – Other surgical options

@Oxford OLP Oct 5 Munnoch: Liposuction only if patient is fully compliant with g...

It works me, maybe it will work for you

I am also a lymphedema sufferer for 7 years now, it affects all my body, especia...
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Swollen leg

Has anyone been to the Lymphedema clinic in Halifax. l have been going to the Mc...

Pain and lymphoedema

Hi, I have been reading the posts here for a while. I have lymphoedema in my ar...

Cold, throat & ear virus

I have been suffering last few weeks for a cold, which has developed into ear & ...

Tweets from the BLS (1) – Learning curve for lymphatic microsurgery

@Oxford OLP Oct 5 At ‪#bsl‬‬‬‬‬ meeting in Birmingham. Great session on surgery ...

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