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Has anyone had SAPL with Dr. Chen at U of I? What is recovery like?

Flexitouch pump system. Any feedback?

Does anyone here use a pump? Specifically the Flexitouch? I’m curious because m...


Has anyone got any experience of a wheelchair with lymphedema? I’ve had multiple...
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Training Modules for Lymphoedma and Lipoedema Patients?

I firmly believe many of us would benefit from learning more about our condition...

Who else has a painful cold bum when the weather changes to cold and autumn comes

I have noticed over the past 3 years as soon as the weather starts changing to c...

Tiredness behind the knee area?

Hi All, Quick question. I wear class 2 and 3 knee high stockings which work well...

Large knee length socks

Hi can anyone help? I have Lymphoedema in my lower legs and I am wearing knee hi...

Walking away from the pain.

I have lymphoedema in both legs following endometrial cancer in 2017. At times t...

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