Do you believe that your Lymphoedema was triggered by having a blood pressure reading or blood test/injection

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  • Mine was triggered by lifting heavy branches 18 months after a mastectomy.  A physio told me in her experience you were more at risk if you had cording and prolonged loss of lymph after a mastectomy

  • I am one of the 'Unknowns' - seeing the percentage of sufferers who do not know what triggered their Lymphoedema I don't feel quite so alone! It never occurred to me that there may be a link to Blood pressure readings or Blood tests...why would it? This is a very interesting Poll and I hope everyone on this Support Network votes.

  • I was told by a doctor years ago that I had got lymphoedema due to the possibility that I had four c sections when I was pregnant and a cyst removed from my leg all I know is my movement is getting worst by the day I can hardly do anything  myself

  • I was informed it was latent in my legs until a TKR (knee replacement) after which it became active.

  • Ive had Lymphoedema since I was about 13 years old, I'm now 25. My GP at the time was useless and didn't seem to care, so me being 13 decided to not care either, it has since come to light that a lot of women in my family suffer with it, but no one talked about it so we didn't know.

  • I believe my lymphoedema was caused by an infection under the nail of my little finger. The infection started the day after WLE and removal of 11 lymph nodes. The lymphoedema was finally diagnosed 2 months later. Have it in my left arm, armpit, breast, chest and occasionally around my shoulder blade on my back.

  • Thats a fast diagnosis it took me at least a year and half to be diagnosed. But I hadn't taken notice of my swelling until it had gotten a lot worse and kept getting fobbed off by doctors

  • hi jr1234, I was lucky that I was still seeing breast nurse and she got me in to see lymphoedema nurse which has a base I Bristol so was near by.

  • it was caused by my having an op. for cervical cancer in 1987, and having every lymph node taken from my right groin, to see if there was further cancer, which, thankfully, there was not.

  • I was told it was something that I was born with. I've always had problems with my right foot and leg as a child and then when I was in my twentys the left ankle and leg decided to swell too. At least they match each other now!

  • Me too! I'm 75 now!

  • I don't know what caused mine. I'd been camping and standing a lot in a very warm summer but no medical interventions or insect bites. I was 28. I've been told it's one of those things and sometimes just happens.

  • I think mine was triggered by sunburnt feet at Le Mans one summer. I consider myself very lucky to get an early diagnosis (after seriously hassling the doctors). My measurements have decreased significantly, and most people wouldn't know I have it unless they see my hosiery. I am a runner now and I am prescribed sports compression socks by the lympho sister when I see her, so that I don't get too much pooling when running longer distances.

  • Mine was triggered by a physio giving me bad advice.  He gave me a sleeve to wear when I was gardening but no glove and didn't tell me not to wear it at night (or indeed not to wear the sleeve without a glove). I looked at my hand after wearing it overnight the first night and had lymphodema.  Devastated.

  • Mine manifested itself in my breasts, about 8 months after breast cancer surgery 

  • I had treatment for cancer at The Royal Marsden in Sutton - I have suffered with severe Lymphoedema in both feet, legs and torso after the radiation treatment which was too severe. It was offered as an alternative to minor surgery in the rectum - in hindsight it would have been preferable to the lifelong LE. At no time was it mentioned that the radiation therapy carried any risk to the lymphatic system.

    It was a complete shock when after 5 years the swellings started. Have very mixed feelings about the poor advice given at the time. It took another 3 years to get a correct diagnosis!

     Good luck with your survey which seems a bit superficial considering the questions asked are very limited.

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  • I to have Lymphedema in both legs and feet .I to had radiation that was very severe. No body said anything about getting Lymphoedema; very surprised when I woke up with this swelling one morning. Dr. was very sorry for adding extra treatments, was a little to late.Not any place to go in Alaska so I do the best I can for treatments. It sure changes your life.

  • mine was triggered by tying my boot lace , i felt a pain and my foot was swollen within 2 days and they found out 10 moths later in is lymphoema

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