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Going on Holiday with Lymphoedema

What advice can any one give when going on a long Haul holiday I am hoping to go...

have found some wellies to fit, they are made by cotswolds and have lace up fronts, great fit. warm and dry now thanks to all

my life with lymphodema

i was diagnosed with lymphodema in august this year, after being on water tablet...
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Has anyone had cellulitis in their arm

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer 15 years ago and and have always had a swolle...

Will the pain in my legs, when I remove my compression stockings, reduce with wear? Only on my 3rd day but I was kept awake by burning pain

Hi Everyone, I was finally told yesterday by Dr that the results of US scan showed lymph damage after R/therapy 8 years ago.

He did call it Lymphedema but said the compression hose and painkillers I am us...

I am having lymph node removal next week. Is this network for people already with lymphodema or can I being at risk join. Thank you

Just diagnosed with mild lymphoedema, waiting to be assessed. Should I stop doing ironing

Has anyone with primary lymphoedema ungone chemotherapy; if so did it affect your lymphodema?

padlocked questions!

some questions have a padlock next to them & say they're only available to membe...

Is lymphoedema classed as a disability in the work place?

I ask this as my employer has requested me to attend an ability meeting next wee...

Is Lympheodema classed as a disability on forms and things for clubs and college applications?

hi i wear a compression garment on my left arm after breast cancer does anyone know where i can buy patterened sleeves for over the garment

Does this spread.

Can anyone tell me does LE spread to other parts of the body. I have it in both ...

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