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Professor Mortimer talks about why lymphoedema research is so underfunded.

In the next in our ask the expert series Professor Mortimer and Anita Wallace MB...

Any advice on osteoporosis treatment with lymphoedema? Prolia and cellulitis

Does anyone in this group also have osteoporosis? I have severe osteoporosis whi...

BBC Radio 4 appeal on behalf of the LSN

Tune in to the LSN charity appeal on BBC Radio 4 We are delighted to announce t...
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Doppler test

Doppler test I have lymphodema in both legs Nurse had 3 go’s before he got a pro...

Professor Mortimer and Anita discuss which blood pressure medications are best to use if you live with lymphoedema

In the next of our questions to Professor Mortimer he and Anita discuss which bl...

Feeling of water trickling down my leg

Feeling of water trickling down my leg

Professor Mortimer and Anita Wallace discuss what other options and available for lymphoedema treatment

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