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Advice please! I've just started wearing compression thigh high stocking 24/7 and managing well with it however I keep waking during the night with a pain just under my small toe. It doesn't bother me during the day but each night it's becoming more painful :(

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Hi Loobs, I had a similar sensation when I first starting my knee high compression stockings and I had a seering pain under my big toe. The Doctor said it was the muscles and bones settling as the fluid had dispersed and I was told to take pain killers it seems to have settled now but I only have to wear my stockings during the day and was told to take them off at night.Hope you can sort it out and the pain settles

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Loobs in reply to Zezes-nan

Thanks Zezes-nan! That does make sense and painkillers are helping. Last night I slipped a very thin piece of cotton pad just between the stocking and my foot and it helped a lot. Thanks for your advice :)

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Hi Loobs

It is very unusual to wear garments 24/7 might be worth checking this out with your therapist.

Thank you! It was definitely 24/7 to see how much my leg will reduce as I've not had any treatment for a very long time but I will discuss at my next appointment .

hi there

i had the same and it turns ut the measurements had to be altered, now no probs x

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Loobs in reply to lisa28

Thanks Lisa28 if it still hurting I will mention at my next check up but getting better each day at the moment :-)

Is it unusual to wear compression 24/7 @ LymphSuppNetwork?? I was told to wear mine 24/7 for 365 days a year...I thought this was the norm,,,

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LymphSuppNetworkAdministrator in reply to demoness

Yes it is very unusual - most people only have to wear their garments during the day and remove at night, then moisturise the skin overnight - the exception is during periods of bandaging or intensive treatment. But saying that everyone is different so assuming your advice is coming from a lymphoedema specialist then don't change it without discussing it.

My Lymphoedema is very severe,,legs actually kinda exploded as swelling was so bad and as i also have lymphatic disease I became real ill and full body infection set in,,I have had long stays in hospital..last stay was 5 months,and I see skin specialists..cardio vascular team..lymph nurses and doctor and district nurses,,I really thought everyone had to wear compression 24/7..thank you for reply about that..yes..I always follow the advice my specialists give me,,thank you for concern about that.. :)

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alfie19 in reply to demoness

Compression stockings should not be worn at night in bed. Only wear in the day.

Give your legs a rest at night and ask your Lymph Clinic or Nurse to prescribe you Cir-Aid bandaging with velcro straps these can be worn day or night and in bed .

I am in thigh high compression bandages both legs, am suffering with a lot of pain and my toes are quite swollen, they look like they are ready to burst!!

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HI Gypsygirl

Speak to your specialist about toe caps - this may stop them being so swollen and painful

I've been wearing full length stocking for 15 years now with a calf length over the top. I'm not supposed to wear anything overnight as it can be dangerous with clots and stuff but I found that i can use an older worn stocking that has lost a lot of it's compression at night and save my newer ones for day use. It works and I don't get the pain at the foot associated with a new high compression garment. When they get even older I use them for swimming in! My lymphoedema nurse thinks I'm nuts but agrees it works.

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Loobs in reply to fozdrummer

I've only got 2 at the moment but hope they loosen with washing! I'm going to Tenerife in 3 weeks and wish I had an older stocking for swimming but as I'm wearing them 24/7 I don't thing it would be too hygienic wearing them in the pool so think I'll have to give swimming a miss this year :(

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fozdrummer in reply to Loobs

Don't think I've ever thrown any away. I have a few that I've cut the foot bit off so I can use them in karate training when I need to grip the floor barefoot. They aren't comfortable for long but do a job. they do eventually disintegrate! You can try swimming without...the haydrostatic pressure can help

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lovesradio in reply to Loobs

Hi Loobs with love I suggest u wear one of the two you have for swimming and pester ur health professional for a third stocking. I'm suggesting this as my physio says that swimming with compression garment on is a double win - water pressure good for affected limb on it's own, boosted by wearing compression sleeve. And it's muscular action!!

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Loobs in reply to lovesradio

Thanks loves radio! I have decided to do this as I think the pool will be too enticing and have read that swimming is good for lymphoedema. I have also managed to get an appointment as the stocking is still giving me foot pain in the same area so suspect it may be too tight.

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lovesradio in reply to Loobs

Good luck with appointment and getting stocking changed xx


I have been wearing compression for 32 years. For the last 6 years I have to wear compression 24/7 but I wear flat knit (4) during the day which cause the same problem with my small toe, but I have to wear a round knit less compress (2) at night this helps stop the pain. I also have to make sure I moisturise at night and in the morning as the skin takes a bashing on the side of my little toe. Hope that helps

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Loobs in reply to 1031959

it's weird why it doesn't hurt all day but the pain in my foot wakes me up every night? I was reading about Jovipac night garment that looks quite bulky but comfortable so I might ask about that or something similar x

3rd stocking arrived this morning. Its longer on the foot so will try wearing overnight tonight. Best thing is that I now have a spare stocking that I can use on holiday as off to the sun on Saturday...Who knows I might even venture off to the waterpark this year if I feel confident enough wearing it.

I wish I could get Duomed stockings they were wonderful (knee length) but chemist says they no longer do them. My existing stockings are now so laddered I am sure they dont do much good. I need to see nurse to get some more, but last time they gave a different make and I could not get them over my heel let alone over my swollen leg!

Have a great holiday Loobs and GO FOR IT! Once you are in the water no one is going to notice whats on your leg. I must start swimming again, had not realised it was good for this condition. Perhaps I should be referred to a specialist nurse too.

Have you been issued with an Actiglide to help slide on your compression garments? Extremely useful for people like me who cannot bend . . .



Yes I was given one Christo but so far not needed to use it as I am managing with my lovely yellow rubber gloves :-)

hi ya i wear my compression garment during the night only trouble is sometimes a gap appears and a build up of fluid i wake up adjust the garment over the fluid then about every 50 minutes i have to go to the toilet i so really tired

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