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Is there a group like this in the United States?

Looking for support group like this one in the United States. Does anyone have ...

Help about wearing compression garments

I wonder if anyone could help I've just started wearing compression stockings o...

My journey with Lymphedema

Hi I am Benita and I have been a member of Health Unlocked for 5 years but never...
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My journey with Lymphedema

Hi, I am writing today about my Lymphedema which I was born with. I am currently...

Knee pain

Anyone help me with advice for pain in the knee( left leg Lymphoedema)

blisters and burning sensation

what can i put on small blisters on my leg caused by lymphedema,i have been put...

Healing of cellulitis

During the healing stages of cellulitis does your wound tend to still leak a bit...

Cellulitis and garments

Should you wear your compression sleeve if you've developed Cellulitis in Lymphe...

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