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Venaforce Horse Chestnut tablets

Hi, I have been reading about Venaforce horse chestnut tablets and Venaforce gel...

Lymphadeoma sufferer 😢

Hi my name is Emma I am 43 years of age and would love to hear from people with ...

Multi-tasking antibiotics?

Hi I have secondary leg lymphoedema and also PMR and diabetes 2.    Last week I ...
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Hello everyone 1: I am  a girl with 27 years old, I have primary lymphedema in m...

Public awareness: actress Kathy Bates discusses her lymphoedema

A question related to my lymphoscintigram and skin damage

I had a lymphoscintigram roughly 6 months ago. Where the needle point went in be...

Cellulitis survey

The LSN are involved in some research into cellulitis and have been asked to en...

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