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My Blood results with Ranges

April tests results 2014-Done privately

Reverse T3 25.8 ng/dl 9 - 35

Free Thyroxine 13.2 12.0 - 22.0

Free T3 3.9 3.1 - 6.8

D.H.E.A Sulphate 5.2 0.26 - 11.0

Free testosterone 0.57 pm/gl (0.0 - 2.57)

Serum Oestradiol Level 796 pmol/L 40 - 70 High

Serum LH level 6.2 u/L (0.8 - 11.4)

Serum FSH level 2.0 u/L (2.6 - 9.5) Low

Serum TSH 0.47 mu/L (0.30 - 5.00)

Serum free T4 10.6 pool/L (8.8 - 18.8)

Serum Ferritin 21 ug/L (15 - 200)

Serum Progesterone 40 nmol/L (30 - 128)

Testosterone +SHBG female

Free androgen index 1.9 (0.1 - 5.5)

Serum testosterone 1.4 nmol/L (0.5 - 3.0)

Serum sex hormone binding glob 74 nmol/L (28 - 150)

Oh and I just realised it says at the bottom of the results, Clinical Information: Fatigue on T3

17/11/2014 GP Test Results

Serum Sex hormone binding globulin level = 63 nmol/L

Free androgen index = 1.6

Serum Testosterone = 1 nmol/L

Serum total Protein = 71 g/L

Serum LH level = 5.4 U/L (0.8 - 11.4)

Serum FSH level = 2.6 U/L (2.6 - 9.5)

Erythrocyte sedimentation rate = 5mm/h

Serum Free T4 12 pmol/L

Serum 25 -Hydroxy Vitamin D3 Level 191nmol/L

Thyroid Peroxidase Antibody Level 68.1 IU/ml previous was 68.10 HIGH (0.00 - 5.61)

Serum TSH level 2.72 mU/L (0.30 - 5.00)

Serum LH Level 2.7 U/L (0.8 - 11.4)

Serum FSH level 5.4 U/L (2.6 - 9.5)

Serum Folate level 11.7 ug/L

Serum Ferritin level 35 ug/L

Serum Vitamin B12 2000ug/L HIGH

Serum total Protein 74 g/L

Serum Calcium 2.23 mmol/L

Serum total Bilirubin 13 umol/L

ALT/SPGT Serum level 6 IU/L LOW

Serum Alkaline Phosphatase 29 IU/L LOW

Serum Albumin 39 g/l

Red Blood Cell distribution width 13.5%

Basophil Count 0 10*9/L

Haematocrit 38.2 %

Lymphocyte Count 1.8 10*9/L

Total white cell count 3.5 10*9/L LOW

Red Blood cell 4.53 10*12/L

Platelet Count 217 10*9/L

Neutrophil Count 1.4 10*9/L LOW

Monocyte count 0.2 10*9/L

Mean Corpuscular volume (MCV) 84.2 fl

Mean Corpusc Hb conc (MCHC) 331 g/L

Mean Corpusc haemoglobin MCH 27.9 pg

Haemoglobin estimation 127 g/l

Eosinophil count 0 10*9/L LOW


Microscopy: WBC: few

Epithelial: Nil

Yeast ++

Trichomonas : Nil

Clue cells: Not seen

Any doctors out there could shed light and suggestions of where I go.

FYI I am awaiting the delivery of Cytomel, which will take 2 weeks to a month

The doc have prescribed me Levothyroxine, however I stopped taking it for the Acella Combo Levothyroxine 19mcg + Liothyronine 4.5 mcg

Vitamin D, Colecalciferol 20,000 unit

I bought Schisandra Adrenal Complex 710 mg don't work!!!

Spatone for low iron, i don't know i been taking with no avail apparently because its still low, although the docs got be believing its ok

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your ferritin is way way too low and must be corrected to halfway in its range PDQ

you need to take 1000mg vit c with the spatone and that takes several months

as you have candida its likely your stomach acid is low so you need to take betaine and cut out all sugars, fruit, honey, bread, cakes,biscuits and any form of cereals and carbohydrates for quite some months

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Why on earth had the doc not told me this ;(

I'm getting really annoyed

Ok so I am gonn but orange and rake it with the spatone, however was told spaying won't work cause it's low in dose 5 mg per satchet, been looking for an alternative.

However I have been supplementing with iron for a few months now, it is disappointing that nothing seems to be working


If you are getting your periods and if they are heavy, then on average you are losing the equivalent of 10 mg of iron from the body per day. Post menopausal women lose 5 mg per day. If there is any bleeding in the body, as in rectal bleeding, then the amount of iron being lost is greater than 5 mg per day.

Iron supplements such as ferrous fumarate, ferrous gluconate and ferrous sulphate are 10% absorbed. Take a look at the milligrams of elemental iron in your supplement and divide by 10 to determine how many milligrams you will be absorbing.

Heme sources of iron are 30% absorbed. They are also more expensive.

The easiest way to obtain iron is through food such as liver, blood sausage, red meat. Because these sources are not tablets, the time it takes for these foods to pass through the mere 4 inch length of small intestine where iron is absorbed is increased. Tablets can fly on by.

If you have some sort of digestive issue, like Coeliac disease, then damage to the small intestine means absorbing iron and other minerals is compromised.

But as I asked above, I don't know what sort of diet plan you follow. If you eat zero red meat and zero organ meat, then the only way to increase your iron level is by taking sufficient amount of supplemental iron.

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Hi it's best I take iron at this time cause my energy is rather low and cooking daily, is far touch right now I need something to get me to a better, however with all the supplements I have taken they didn't seem to be responded to my body, it's like my body won't receive it :(


What sort of diet do you follow?


I'm going to be very honest my diet is good but just not consistent, only being the lack of energy. I eat quite healthy, organic meats only not often though because of preparation I'm so tired all the time, the only thing I do manage to do daily is bath if which I thoroughly enjoy:)

Smoothie for breakfast, lunch often is soup dinner is always questionable cause like I said I am beat, if I am at home all day then all the above will go out the window, some days not much, although over this period my appetite has increased which is strange don't know if that's down to the Acella I'm taking

The combined thyroid med


Storm, your vitD is top of optimal range 75-200 so you might consider reducing your 20,000iu supplement. Possible toxicity is >250. will explain what your other blood tests are for.

It can take up to 14 weeks to clear rT3 after you stop taking anything with T4 in it. When it clears it can be sudden and you may need to reduce T3 substantially as you can go very hyper very quickly.



Thank you the GP did tell me to only take once a week now anyway so that's good, will let you know about the t3 when it comes, it's funny cause I still don't feel good on the combined pill, gonna order the thyro gold


Just a little reminder to take supplements/medications 4 hours apart from your thyroid hormones.


Thank you Shaws

Ill keep it in mind


Storm, ThyroGold contains hormone although it doesn't say how much T4 and T3 is in it. If you're trying to clear T4 it might be best to do that before taking ThyroGold.



I am gong to take the T3 first and then add that in.


Please be careful not to change many things at one. I appreciate that you want to start feeling better but nothing works overnight, often takes a while to get into the system and even rhen more time for you to appreciate the difference. If you keep chopping and changing who will not be aware of what is helping and what isn't. I know it's frustrating but be more thorough and I'm sure that will help you in the long term.

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Yh I understand

well I am hoping first to undergo a Liver and Kidney Cleanse?

Thank you


Oh I've thought of that but don't know where to start-any ideas and please let me know how you get on. To me it seems logical to get all the body working at it's best and it makes a lot of sense to keep the bits that are getting rid of the rubbish working more efficiently!



will do, get the body working first then hoping for the best !!!


Thank you!


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