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Just want to Give UP

I hate my life, I hate the way I am feeling, I mean I have had depression in my past, but thus far nothing has been as it is at this point, I don't know whether I am coming or going, can just about stay up. Its not good to feel this low, all the time:(

Emotionally I feel so low, I forgot what it feels like to be normal, if that ever possible!!!

Whatever this is, its taken the Wind out of my Sails :(

I have now decided to go to see an Integrated Functional guy, IFM I believe who is costing my right arm, don't know how I am going to do it, anyhow he did point something out to me that my Reverse T3 maybe high.

April 2014

Reverse T3 25.8 ng/dl

Free Thyroxine 13.2

Free T3 3.9

D.H.E.A Sulphate 5.2

Oh and I just realised it says at the bottom of the results, Clinical Information: Fatigue on T3

17/11/2014 GP Results

Serum FreeT4 12 pmol/L

Serum 25 -Hydroxy Vitamin D3 Level 191nmol/L

Thyroid Peroxidase Antibody Level 68.1 IU/ml previous was 68.10 HIGH

Serum TSH level 2.72 mU/L previous the same

Serum LH Level 2.7 U/L

Serum FSH level 5.4 U/L

Serum Folate level 11.7 ug/L

Serum Ferritin level 35 ug/L

Serum Vitamin B12 2000ug/L HIGH

Serum total Protein 74 g/L

Serum Calcium 2.23 mmol/L

Serum total Bilirubin 13 umol/L

ALT/SPGT Serum level 6 IU/L LOW

Serum Alkaline Phosphatase 29 IU/L LOW

Serum Albumin 39 g/l

Red Blood Cell distribution width 13.5%

Basophil Count 0 10*9/L

Haematocrit 38.2 %

Lymphocyte Count 1.8 10*9/L

Total white cell count 3.5 10*9/L LOW

Red Blood cell 4.53 10*12/L

Platelet Count 217 10*9/L

Neutrophil Count 1.4 10*9/L LOW

Monocyte count 0.2 10*9/L

Mean Corpuscular volume (MCV) 84.2 fl

Mean Corpusc Hb conc (MCHC) 331 g/L

Mean Corpusc haemoglobin MCH 27.9 pg

Haemoglobin estimation 127 g/l

Eosinophil count 0 10*9/L LOW

Lord help me!!!

P.S I do hate that the GP don't feel it necessary to explain any inconsistancy with your blood results! I mean just who do they think they are, God or something

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Hi Stormx, I am so sorry you are feeling so depressed.I dont know enough about thyroid and bloods to be able tk comment on your results but hopefully someone will be along soon who will understand them.I hope you have family or friends who you can takk too if you are feeling so low and that you are able to find the right doctor to get you feeling better.Sorry I cant be of much help thyroid wise but I just wanted you to know that someone is here and listening. Take care ..pipps x

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The ferritin is far too low.... And without ranges its difficult to comment, but high reverse t3 suggests that any t4 you are taking is not being used. So you will have low free t3 and feel rubbish. Depression which doesn't clear with antidepressants is often as a result of low free t3 and it goes away when you are given t3.

The functional medicine man may be the right person if he can prescribe you t3 .... But if not it might be worth you requesting that your doctor sends you to an endocrinologist who specialise in thyroid, (not just in diabetes) as he could prescribe t3, (Liothyronine)... There is a fair bit of differing opinion on this, but as I understand it, giving you more t4 will cause your body to make more reverse t3 in order to clear it. Reverse t3 is a problem if you have too much and not enough free t3. The remedy is to take t3 only until the reverse t3 has gone and then work out the reasons fr the non conversion.... (Usually Low vits, minerals). Dr Peatfield has written about reverse t3... Worth doing a search or at least reading his book... Your thyroid and how to keep it healthy.

You can get this sorted..... Many of us have. If you get no joy with the docs, is not illegal in the uk to self treat, although this step really is a last resort.

First thing, read the book, write to the doc and ask Louise warvill on here for a copy of the list of ok Nhs endos and docs...... Buy some iron and get the ferritin levels up. Spa tone is good it doesn't upset your tum....

Good luck.... See if you can make 2015 a happy year for you.

G xx



Thank you ever so much, I am currently taking Iron Spatone because the doc prescription made me more constipated,:( don't understand why though my feratin levels are still low! Also taking Vit D3 Colecalciferol 20,000 units which seems to be working! :)

I did see thyroid endo on the NHS3 times, they all came back unanamous that I am right as rain! Figures

My doctors well thats a whole other story, it would be pointless, they already think I am crazy aggressive and hyprichrondriac!!!!

They only just decided to put me on Levothyroxine this year, but that crap, don't feel anything

When I saw the endo I asked him if he had patients that possessed all the hypo symptoms but not in the tests results, he answered yes, and told me I just have to ride through it :( you can imagine how heartbreaking it was, I broke down!!

Every time I go and see one of these so called specialist I end up crying my heart out, I went for a Scan only to be told on the scan I have Polycystic Ovaries, however I don't have the symptoms so I am fine!!!!! LMFao

I know you just cant get this anywhere

The functional guy does not prescribed anything medical as he states he is not a doc, they just look at the body on more of a holistic way, and determine why the body isn't functioning optimally! So I took the liberty to order myself the T3 meds :) Yes lets hope 2015 and going forward is a far much better year.

Happy new year

or least I hope so


Galathea's response is great. Polycystic ovaries etc can also be due to hypothyroidism and the quicker you get onto T3 alone the better. There's no use going to people who cannot prescribe or don't know much about T3. This is a link which may be helpful and this is an excerpt from it:-

Conventional endocrinologists' lack of knowledge about T3 results from conduct that is clearly unscientific—that is, overall, they accepted without question mandates passed down to them by old guard thyroid specialists, much as loyal military personnel obediently and unquestioningly comply with orders from higher command. The particular mandate of conventional thyroid specialists I refer to here is this: "The only thyroid hormone preparation a doctor should ever prescribe is T4 (thyroxine)."

I was also very unwell on levo but I am enjoying normal health at present on T3 only with no symptoms.

Some people don't convert T4 effectively into T3.

The following is self-explanatory


Was reading your symptoms, very similar to mine. Got T3 (Cytomel in Canada) at a walk-in clinic and it's definitely helping. I cut back the T4 by 50 mcg's and take 12.5 mcg's of T3 to start with for 6 weeks. It's apparently 4x stronger than the T4. The docs here don't do rT3 tests & pretty sure that's the problem. Hope you feel better soon. My GP didn't agree at first but cutting way back on T4 without the help of T3 would have brought dysfunction & depression. Nix that! Life's hard enough.... eh?

Good to have all your experiences. Helps greatly.


Low alkaline phosphatase:

Causes of Low Alkaline Phosphatase

1. Malnutrition

Improper diet and poor nutritional choices which lead to a deficiency of vitamin B6, folic acid, vitamin c, phosphorous and zinc all cause alkaline phosphatase to plummet.

2. Hypophosphatasia

This rare genetic disorder negatively impacts the development of bones and teeth. The depletion of phosphate from the body softens and weakens bones causing physical deformity from the abnormal bone growth and development. Severe cases lead to respiratory disorders as well.

3. Other Causes

Other causes can result in low alkaline phosphatase including:

Hypothyroidism and impaired parathyroid glands

B12 deficiency (Pernicious anemia)

Aplastic anemia

Wilson’s disease (abnormal copper metabolism)

Children with achondroplasia and cretinism

CML – Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia

Menopause and anemia

Treatment of Low Alkaline Phosphatase

The overall approach to treatment first focuses on determining the underlying cause. A low alkaline phosphatase is often detected during routine blood tests. A physician will start by evaluating the diet and correcting any deficiencies present and consider adding supplements after discussion. Common vitamin deficiencies such as B6, B12 and vitamin C and folic acid should be corrected by taking quality supplements. Anemia can be improved with the addition of iron supplements.

Below are common foods to increase alkaline phosphatase level:

1. Phosphorus

This key element is only second to calcium in terms of our body’s requirement. It is vital for creating alkaline phosphatase and important in processes such as energy production, bone formation, DNA production and absorption of calcium. Health foods such as lentils, salmon, halibut, chicken, turkey, eggs, yogurt and nuts such as almonds are all excellent sources.

2. Healthy fats

Alkaline phosphatase plays a role in the digestion and absorption of dietary fats from the intestines. Higher levels of alkaline phosphatase have been noted in those who consume cod liver oil, coconut and corn oil.

3. Zinc

Zinc supplementation can boost production of alkaline phosphatase in the body. Healthy bone formation, skin integrity and immune system function all rely on zinc. Excellent sources include pumpkin seeds, ginger root, pecans, peas, oysters and Brazil nuts. Maximum daily supplemental intake of zinc should not exceed 30 mg per day.

4. Vitamin B12

Pernicious anemia is linked to low alkaline phosphatase levels and B12 deficiency is at the heart of the problem. Vitamin B12 is plentiful in fish, eggs, dairy products and most meats. Vegetables from the sea are rich in B12, while vegans and vegetarians should consider supplementing with 2 mcg of vitamin B12 a day. An under the tongue (sublingual) tablet is available and rapidly absorbed.

5. Vitamin A

This anti-oxidant vitamin stimulates alkaline phosphatase production form the bone cells and intestinal tract. Sources of high vitamin A include chili peppers, dandelion roots, carrots, apricots, kale, sweet potatoes, spinach and liver from ox, chicken and calf. Fish oils such as salmon oil and cod liver oil are rich in vitamin A. Use caution when taking vitamin A supplements as this vitamin is stored in the fat cells of our body and excess supplementation can lead to side effects.



Low levels of ALT are normally found in the blood. Thus, it is not usually a cause for concern. However, a low ALT level can be caused by poor nutrition. A low ALT level can also be caused by infections of the urinary tract. The urinary tract is the part of the body that deals with the formation and excretion of urine (pee). To excrete means to release from the body as waste.

You integrative medical person will look at your diet. It seems you have protein malnutrition.


Hi gabkad

Thank you for getting back to me

I love this forum

I have been told that I have too much protein in my urine samples.

just found out that Ferratin and iron are not the same.

Its funny my teeth have been killing me, the pain I feel, all my fillings I can taste the metal, my teeth have turned an off coloured yellowish colour, chip easy plus my tongue is think and white!!!! unbearable :(

I used to have a lovely pair of pearly white


Too much protien points to poorly functioning kidneys.... Which can be linked to...... Hypothyroidism.......

The inbalances of vits and minerals which might be causing the lack of t4/t3 conversion. Will need addressing.. But the t3 might provide a quick fix, which makes you feel well enought to tackle it all. However its not a miracle cure....

You haven't mentioned anything, but just thought I would check, you aren't taking antacids are you?

Xx. G.


Hi Galathea

I'm not taking antacids, don't know what they are to be quite honest, I bought acella thyroid combo meds, but still feel shit


Antacids are.... Omeprazole, tums, Zantac, ranatadine, Anything given to reduce acid reflux, indigestion and all the ailments supposedly caused by the myth of high stomach acid. Low stomach acid is much more common but the medics and pharmaceuticals have lost their way and are making many people ill by reducing stomach. Acids.

Acella is a combination of t3 and t4 as are all the natural thyroid meds. If you have a reverse t3 problem then you would need to take t3 only as any t4 would exacerbate the rt3 problem.

There us a lot of information available and some of these posts point you in the direction you need to search.

Having been ill myself for a long time, but now sorted on correct meds, I understand your frustration. Unfortunately there is no instant miracle pill.... You have to piece it all together like a jigsaw puzzle. Many doctors underestimate the problem due to lack of,or wrong training..

Xx. G


Has anyone checked you for heavy metal toxicity? You could have high mercury levels from your fillings. Mercury can cause thyroid problems and depression. Best to get a urine challenge test done through your Functional Medicine guy.


the functional guy said he will do all those, a stool one which costs 300 :(, 280 every time I see him, and as for my filling I am actually going to take them out!!! all of them and get them replaced with the white ones :)


Having amalgam fillings removed should only be carried out by someone experienced, who takes the necessary precautions and has the appropriate equipment. It took 6 months for my mouthful to be removed and cost an arm and a leg.

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well I gone with my normal dentist, if there is anyone you know please let me, I don't think he will do the procedure with the care needed bit I just want them out they ache and taste weird :(


Wow! That's expensive. Be sure to get your mercury amalgams removed and replaced by a holistic dentist who knows what they are doing and take the necessary precautions for removal so you don't get any more mercury in your body. Some people are sensitive to the white fillings depending on what they are made of so a good holistic dentist will have some way of testing you first. You would have to take some sort of mercury detox supplement while you are having them removed. That's not cheap either. Good luck with that.


Can you give me any suggestion, I was just going with my usual dentist whom knows nothing about these things


Is Spatone a liquid? Liquid iron supplements discolour teeth.


Spatones a liquid


You need to take it with a spoon and try to not let it get all over your mouth. Chase it down with water.


you have to take it with water, better with Vit C though, now i know my irons low I am taking 3 satchets


Gabkad, Vitamin A is only found in animal products. Vegetables contain provitamin A carotenoids which can be converted in the body to Vitamin A but as thyroid hormone is involved in the conversion people with low thyroid cannot make the conversion.

Vitamin A is important in thyroid health as it is needed for the uptake of Iodine and is needed for the T3 to bind to cell receptors. Its a vicious cycle.


Exactly once I fix one thing another jumps up at me, I am not on any Vits and the moment, because I am waiting to see how this functional guy fairs up!!!!!

lets hope for 280 he can help, quickly mind you, cause the fees are extortionate at best, i know every needs to get paid, but bloody hell


Thyroid UK vitamin list :D


Yes Bonsai, my endo knows this and my first appointment, vitamin A was also tested. I think testing for this should be added to the Clutter Hit List. I keep suggesting it here and there, but there's been no pick up. Lots of people have low vitamin A, and as you say, some thyroid problems can be related to low vitamin A level.

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I read that low vitamin D and low vitamin A often go hand in hand. If you're low in D, you're probably also low in A.


No my vit d levels are really good it's my iron that's rather low :(


firstly your ferritin is low and may be very very low depends on the range which must be treated

but with iron or spatone and at least 1000mg of vitamin C

none of the results have ranges and that's not at all helpful

ferritin is low

your free T4 is low

your t3 is low

B12 is high which is odd as is your low Liver Function Test

Your TSH is higher than it should be although a GP and stupid endos will see it as in range

To me your hypothyroid but question is what meds are you on ?

and whats causing the other discrepancies

it sounds like your metal fillings are part of the picture

do you cook using foil or aluminium or non stick or other mucked about cookware or foil ?

Use only Stainless steel or cast iron or glass or enamel

Is your water supply treated with Aluminium or fluoride

What things do you eat

are you putting on weight

have you had other surgery

any other disease or infection

You might find it more cost effective to find a really good Homeopth or medical herbalist who knows what they are doing

depends what this functional medicine guy is charging



It's funny cause I thought the range for UK was all the same, but then again I do know it can vary per hospital as I have visited 3 and there's has, so it begs why I thought it was the same. No worries, I just about know what day if the week it is


The functional guy is charging an arm and my leg 280 each visit, 300 for a stool sample lol, it really upsets me cause I have paid so much to still be here 5 years later, but health is important

If you can suggest a herbalist please let's know


Sorry your functional guy is a charlatan and has no business charging those sort of prices

they are the figures I would expect for really top class consultants not jerks with no medical licence who clearly know zilch

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I think with thyroid disease when it first hits you yes you will feel low and depressed it has taken me 10 years to feel normal ish through trial and error working alongside a good endo it's all about getting to know your body and signs it gives off when meds need changing or tweaking unfortunately there is no magic cure this is a disease where you have to research and help yourself as most Dr have no clue food luck


Hi boss bird

I did go to a herbalist, but still no avail unless you can recommend someone.

I have just got worse, symptoms coming and going


OK having read all your posting

1) your ferritin is way too low to deal with any form of T4 meds so Acella combo , NDT and Levo are out need just straight T3/liothyronine

I suggest your going through the nasty phases of hashimotos and the antibody flares are tough to deal with until you understand them and find a way to cope

surprised a herbalist was no help because many of them are excellent


My endo is in Notts but most of the work has been done by me I've just started using thyroid gold which is thyroid from cows feel the best so far although have been over medicating which I'm addressing


The good thing about Thyrogold is that you don't need a prescription. I am glad that you're feeling much better.


ok will look into that

thank you


I'm so sorry you feel so low, StormX. I know where you are coming from because I too am starting to feel like you do. I have suffered from really bad depression in the past but how I feel now is different and more a feeling of being so wiped out, I don't know if I have the energy or inclination to face another day. I was at my sisters to see in the New Year with family and put on this mask to join in but inside I was actually crying and willing 'him upstairs' to give me a break.....if only for a short while.

I wish I could advise you on your bloods results but I don't have a clue what they mean. Sorry. I wish I could help.

When my doctor started me on Levothyroxine, I asked if T3 too might help, after what I'd read on here but was told he couldn't prescribe that unless it was outside range. I didn't feel confident enough to argue because I don't really fully understand all the different T3, T4, markers myself. I think I have information overload and my mind these days can't seem to take in info easily.

I am going to ask for referral to an endocrinologist but I want one who looks at my 'whole' picture, as I have other autoimmune issues as well as the thyroid but having read not all endos look at vitamin deficiencies too, it's tricky finding someone that does not involve travelling to London and I get exhausted just pottering round the house now.

All I can say, StormX, Is that you are not alone. This site, in a short time, has proved enormously helpful to me and just knowing others share how I feel makes things a little easier. I hope you find members of this site lift you too on those days you feel so rough.

Today starts a New Year, so I hope things turn around for you soon and you can then come back and report to us all,how you finally got the treatment that made you feel like your old self again.

Kindest wishes.

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thank you ever so much your post is heart felt, I have no support from family and friends they don't understand the true problems that this disease causes, although physically I look ok, although I am overweight and have lost a lot of my hair which I have not had to shave of, energy is incredible low, and life is bleak at best, I know this is so much more than Depression, cause I feel crazy half of the time, out of it :(

I too can't contain info, funny cause I used to be on the ball with a memory like an elephant, I feel so young to be going through this, to top it off before I became unwell I spent two years depressed nothing like this though.

The Hopelessness I feel is immeasurable, and at best I do feel as though I don't want to go on, I feel like a dead man walking, I can just about function:(

I don't even go out anymore, socialising is a thing of the past!!! anxiety killed that


Don't give up, StormX. Yes, family find it hard to fathom how we feel,when we LOOK okay.

If you've got a broken leg or measles, folk can see what's wrong, with what we have there's not a lot to see, is there?

I used to have lovely, thick, lustrous hair but my bathroom carpet sees more of it than my head these days. I dread it getting any thinner because I also have a completely round, smooth, bald patch from Alopecia Areata, not exactly attractive for a woman of 57!!

My husband tells me that all the people who do well and live fine with any condition, tend not to post on these sort of sites, so I only get to see negative postings but I actually find it reassuring to know there ARE folk who feel like I do. It's this support that's keeping me going right now but I see where my hubby is coming from. I think, on diagnosis, doctors should give out lists of helpful, LOCAL, endocrinologists, along with testimonials from 'successful,happily coping' patients of any health issues like ours. Positivity is a great motivator. I think it's not getting definite diagnosis or decisive, well-defined treatment, that keeps us in a state of confusion and negativity, which is really not helpful.


Thats exactly it least you have someone I am very much on my own, no partner, friends or fam :(

I used to have hair, but thats a thing of the past. I can just about keep up, sustaining the friends I did have, I feel very hopeless :(


we need doctors to be more informed and accessible, it cost far to much for the help out there with no certainty, I have spent the whole of chrimbo in bed, having a bath is the most I can do, cooking a full meal well thats been a while.

maybe things will get better, if the depression doesn't get me first, I am so low I wish i weren't here :(

All I have ever wanted to do is enjoy my life this disease has taken most of my 20s, and I never had the best start in the first place.


Well most of us come to sites like these because everything else has failed. And after we start feeling better stop logging in. But for me, I have no idea where I'd be if it wasn't for people (strangers) who give up their time to help us. I'm grateful to everyone here and specially to Clutter, Shaws, Mars, Louise to name a few. If I'm doing well is thanks to all these folks!!!


I wish you the Best and will pray for you. I've gotten to the point where I hate doctors!! I'm looking for the one I had for so many years and sadly, he passed away. He was wonderful. There will never be anyone like him. It frustrates me to go to different doctors when I feel like punching them all out! They talk down to you sometimes and their attitude is "I know what I'm talking about and you don't". But who knows our own bodies better than we do?


Hi Jillann

please don't get me started on Doctors, I will start bleeping, I am so disappointed with them it makes me sick, I spent some years in and out of counselling for depression when in actuality I believe now I was on a down ward spiral with my health, years of bad stress and not really knowing how to deal with it. No one teacher you how to deal with life unexpected traumas, and disappointments :(

I have had it up to here with the docs, they think I am crazy I think there under staffed and informed, so we are all in a bit of a rock place!!!


I am of limited means but luckily have enough income to try different things and have over the years used all sorts of alternative practitioners as well as allopathic GPs and consultants. I use the lab tests of the latter as well as free thyroxin but I do not expect them to have all the answers. Look at the system it is based on; profit for the drugs companies, lack of funds for the hospitals and GPs and enough rules to stop any open minded doctor ever finding out anything new. BUT its free so we have to use it. The tests are limited and the minds are often closed but still we have to use it.

I have been helped by thyroxin (saved my life, thats how ill I'd become) almost killed by GPs and consultants doing the maddest things and NOT doing the necessary things, but I've also found egos causing neglect and ignorance in some alternative practitioners consulting rooms. When I've found an open minded, non-condescending therapist of any ilk, I've stuck with them. Wholebody therapy is the way to go as we do not work in isolated pieces; everything effects just about everything else. I've found this out over 20 years of using 'experts' and doing my own research. The body is sooo complicated!

I'm grateful to this site but I also cannot take it all in. My brain seems to be functioning a little better at the moment but why? Not 11 years of taking thyroxin, as necessary as it is as I have no thyroid. Is it better nutrition, the herbs I take regularly, killing off the candida, EFT and meditation? I don't think there's one simple answer when a mind and body starts to break down on many levels.

To Stormx my only advice is keep a good record of what you do and the advice you get, as well as your own research. You're doing the right thing by trying to help yourself. Don't give up, it took me 20 years to get to a place of positive mind even though the old body keeps throwing up new problems. Good Luck and may 2015 bring you and all you other health unlocked users, positive break throughs in your whole self.



I too hope that there is a better year coming, where I feel better with more than 100% health, who knew that no health is no life!!!!!


What are you taking that helps you. Had thyroid removed 14 years ago. Did well on Armour for 12 years I don't convert T4 to T3. About 7 years ago I got weak and started going to a Naturopath and he put me on a blood type diet Type A and with supplements Adrenal Complex started getting stronger but when I was put on DhEA 10mg time released I really got better. Now I have to watch diet for blood sugar and I am weak no energy and get headaches and foggy. Cinnamon capsules help and garlic. Selenium helps and an Alive Multivitamin and B Complex time release. I take 1/2 grain Armour in am and then 1/2 around noon and then 1/2 around 5 pm. I used to have energy. Seems like when I take some Vit A in multi or eye vitamin or cod liver oil I notice an improvement. This is just frustrating. I space out the Armour cause when I took the 1grain in am I was getting jittery. I take Emergen C and that makes me feel better. I have no energy for normal activities. What can I do. Muffin7973


The white tongue could suggest Candidia, maybe get this checked out too


they did but I don't know how to read them!!! however I think or hope if it came back positive that she would of said, however they are practically killing people f nowadays


I am not sure which tests are the candidia ones, have never been tested for it, though need to be. Docs do miss a lot, had a series of bloods done at hosp 2 weeks back, I have the printout and there is an asterix and a low mentioned though doc says all ok. From my research it all points to Chron's, now they have rung me to make an appt with GP re the hosp stuff, so will see.

Yeah, there was a case all over the net about a woman who lives in Wales and the fist hosp that she mentioned that said nothing was wrong (is my local hosp, which I have a referral too), failed to diagnose ovarian cancer. Somehow she managed to get a referral to the biggest hosp in Wales and emergency scan showed it spread to bowel and other areas ect, and to be prepared to die!!! Wow. Anyway, she had previously moved here from England, managed to use an English address, have a private consultation in London, who told her to go to her English gp, get referred immediately and operation will be in a week. She did this and had op. She is partially resitant to chemo but is fundraising also to get all the treatment she needs. Single mum with one child. It was shocking. Was on msn in the last few days and the headline said something like 'Wales will leave you to die'. Am pretty familiar with both the hosps in Wales that she referred to as under them both for different things. Wales is tiny compared to other countries and only has a limited amont of hosps, most of which people travel miles to as anywhere outside of Cardiff is considered valleys, unless rural - where I live. Doesn't give me confidence!

Hopefully, someone else will recognise the Candidia test and be able to explain what they mean.

Get well soon, depression is horrible and just adds to all else you have going on with your health. Hope things go well with functional guy, it's a lot of money to pay out for things that should be available to all on the NHS.x


For years and years like ten, I felt terribal, I was infertil by the time I was 21. After reading this site and going to the doc time and time again and private that cost a grand, he looked at me and said maybe I should lose some weight, stupid pig! Clearly I was hypo, my GP said I had thyroiditus, I think that is Hashi's.........then I went private, long story goitre, biospy, then I thought to the devil with these idiots, I started to self medicate, and now I feel like a normal human. Lost weight that needed to go. In three days I actually could feel the change. I am not a doctor so I can only tell you my story.......I am not sure what your reading mean, but I have refused to have surgery, calcified nodule/goitre, it might not even be Cancer!!!! And all for what, read read read, keep asking the girls here, someone will know. The answer to my problem was self medication. I know my numbers and you can get blood test private. I have given up on doctors, especially the ENDO, took my health in my own hands and now I can live again. I hope you find the answer, and I trust you will. Just work it girl. Little prayer for you honey. When my THS was at 2. Something I was misrable, being so ill almost ruined my marriage, I was so depressed and angry for being brushed under the carpet. Fight.....feel the support from the women here. They were tantamount in me regaining my life. Much support to you honey. Hugs x


thank you

what is you did, that helped you?


I take NDT


Firstly did you receive a personal recommendation for this integrative physician? That's a huge amount of money you're paying and you need to know whether it will be worth it.

My experience is that these non-NHS people do not necessarily have any decent knowledge of the thyroid gland, I've been well and truly fleeced by one although others have been happy with their treatment by this particular person.

On the other side of the coin the first person I saw had a huge amount of knowledge and experience.


the integrative physician was one of the two that came up, so I hope so.

its a stab in the dark lets be honest, I am just trying

and yes its far to much money but what do I do, I am young and have spent the last years indoors depressed, i JUST WANT MY LIFE BACK!


Storm - I would say that Heloise's post below is definitely worth reading and taking on board. Much sense in that post.


YH I checked it out

thank you


We all feel your pain, stormx, since more doctors are like yours than not. This is a bit about reverse T3. I put your numbers in the form but it may not stay on the link. You can fill it in again but it came up with 6.6 and it should be greater than 10.

I would not spend that money on the new doctor right now since the answer is more than likely T3, at least temporarily. You say you have acquired some. Let us walk you through it or use the advice mentioned. If ALL your symptoms are due to low FT3, which could be the case, why treat these individual symptoms which will never work until you correct T3.

You have had plenty of investigative work already and what you need is treatment.

I think he mentions in this video that if you have serotonin problems, taking serotonin is not the answer, which I'm afraid is what is going to happen.

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its gonna take around 2 weeks to a month for the T3, so I am gonna see the integrative doc, just to see if he can help with any of the other areas, or at least let me know what I am low in, he does stool test for 300 which gets sent to america its lets you know all sorts of stuff.


If you insist. Please let us know if he turns out to be what I expect.


lets hope, gonna try not to see him much or get him to do things all on the same day!!!


...have you looked at Regenerus Labs in the UK for stool testing ?


I was gonna look up one over here to see if its cheaper, but to be honest I beat most days, when i feel much better I look into it!


Regenerus Labs ARE in the UK and now do the detailed Cyrex tests that are done in the States... They have a website.


If the american lab is the Great Smokies Diagnostics Lab they are really good and give both clinical and laymans feedback. They told me things that no doctor over here would have known such as dairy foods decreasing the availability of iron in the diet and that low iron can be caused by many factors including excess zinc, faulty diet, excess aspirin use, excess tea intake, excess toxic metals, antacids and others. I did though have stool, hair and blood tests done.


My simple answer to you being depressed is that you are probably under medicated. If T4 is not converting to t3 or to reverse t3 then you are not gaining much benefit from taking the T4. if your integrated health guy can prescribe t3 then I would go to him. Or you could spend the money on seeing an Endo privately. I had a similar problem with conversion and I came off Thyroxine. On to T3. Tried Erfa on the way which was no good at the time as I needed to get myself better with t3 only. After almost a year on it I am ready to have another go at Erfa. When I was under medicated I also had a white coated tongue. If you want to make sure that B12 gets into your system you can try Natures Own. They offer vitamins and minerals that are food state so that your body thinks they are food and utilises them. You can get sub lingual cyanobalamin (B12) through them as well and that also helps with absorption.



I am 28, its funny cause I just saw the doctor to have a scan of my womb and I asked her if everything alright with my womb and am I ovulating , she said I was fine all although my scan appears to show that I now have Polycystic Ovaries :(

Oh if I could get my hands on her

At the time i had decided to come of the Armour, because my features started swelling I went up to four doses a day, but still felt shitty:( so I wasn't taking anything If i can remember although going by my memory means nothing

I currently take

Acella 3 grains Levothyroxine 19mcg & Liothyroxine 4.5mcg

Planetary Schisandra Adrenal Complex 710mg Rubbish don't feel anything from this


Stormz must listen and learn

YOUR FERRITIN IS WAY TOO LOW AND YOU SIMPLY CANNOT TAKE ANY FORM OF T4 medication because its making you toxic

be it armour, acella, levothyroxine etc

Until your Ferritin is over halfway in its range ( theres 3 different ranges so ignore the 70 claim ) It must be over halfway in whatever the range is being quoted for the lab that does the test

Until then you can only take T3 /liothyronine

Instead of wasting a fortune on this functional medicine idiot you would be better listening and learning on here


I am listening :)

I'm going to cancel the appointment , I was thinking that yesterday. I suppose I really just wanna get better and I feel like I'm stabbing in the dark don't know what to do, where to go and who to trust.

Will the t3 help with the functioning of my liver and kidney cause the low?


the low liver and low kidney results have to have a cause

and that's what needs looking at

T3 will certainly be better than any T4 containing meds when ferritin is so low

We need to go right back to basics here and start from when you last felt well and what infections

what stresses

what changes

occurred in your life

everything from what you eat

what you drink

what meds you have taken

what cookware you use

whether you have moved house

Try and sit back and concentrate of thse things because that's the way any really good herbalist /homeopath /functional medicine guy should do

I know that because that's the only way I found out what was making me ill 30 years ago and after 2 yrs of idiots I found one wonderful old homeopath who truly knew what she was doing

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Another option (sorry, don't want to confuse you) would be to write to the Practice Manager and copying in the relevant GPs stating that the GPs there have done nothing to help you regain your health. That should make them jump into action (it worked for me as they don't like complaints).

Include in the letter some specifics that you want addressed and that should force them to refer you to the appropriate specialists. You will still need to be in the driving seat, you've been given loads of info and links from here so read and read some more.

I would also strongly recommend making a written request for a copy of your medical records, this will probably cost £50. As you've found out you can't depend on GPs, some are downright lazy and ignorant in my experience and think they're untouchable.

I agree with reallyfedup, cancel the appt with the functional medicine rip-off merchant, also investigate the cost of you organising the stool test.

At the end of the day it's you who's most motivated to improve your health and you need to take control. You must believe that you can get better.


Hi Storm

Have sent you a PM.


:) Got it


I am terribly sorry you are feeling so poorly. I pray God will give you a hand through this and bring you up out of the misery. I have felt this terrible and I understand how it feels. I will think of you.




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