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Different goals for different weekdays

I would like to be able to adjust my goals so that they differ between weekdays ...

The app counted cycling as walking today

Hello, I have used the Active10 app for the last few days and have enjoyed the c...

Our sister site Stregnth and Flex

Our sister site over on Stregnth and Flex is having a little bit of life Injecte...
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It is the weekend, what are we all doing?

Here we are again, another weekend, I went for a little stroll with MrRfc last ...

how does active 10 help you?

I am a Occupational Therapy student and looking for peoples personal experience ...

Returning after three years

Returning to the forum after three and a half years... I haven't done too badly...

Opiate withdrawal advice please

Please anyone can you help by telling me your expieriance. Thank you Peggy 76 ...

Need help & advice

Does anyone else take 30mg of oxynorm daily ,need advice on weaning

Who is walking this weekend?

I am hoping for a walk this weekend , I think the weather might be kind to us....

Weight loss forums on Healthunlocked

I just thought I would post a little reminder with some links to some of the o...

foot cramp

hello I have been suffering from cramp in the feet ,any suggestions please

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