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Hello walkers

New and hoping to increase motivation to exercise more and eat less and cut out ...

1st brisk walk in ages

Well, today it's miserable and raining, but strangely I feel better than I've do...

Why didn’t I already have this app?

Just joined and surprised I wasn’t already on this. I walk a lot on my rest day...
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Looking for friends.

Hi everyone single living in poole would like to meet up for walking etc

Having a bad time just now.

Oh my, I'm having such a painful arthritic flare up just now I can hardly move, ...

O8 01 19

Day one and off to a good start.

Race walking for those who want to give it a try.

Race walking week one For those who would like to join in here a a few videos on...

Step Goal

Happy New Year all. I’m a mature student and finding I’m gaining pounds while s...

Older and dafter!

Happy 2019 everybody! Today I had an appointment for a pedicure, so off I walked...


I am new here


Hey all I’m new here would love to get to know others & how all this works any a...

I am doing RED January

I’ve been a bit under the weather recently and a little trip to the docs last w...

Returning after many months

Hi friends, I disappeared from this forum many months ago. I have been physicall...

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