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I am doing RED January


I’ve been a bit under the weather recently and a little trip to the docs last week showed that my thyroid medication is very out and I’m Hyperthyroid. The side effect of this is exhausted and palpitations to name a few.

I am on my new dose now but want to build up with a plan but no pressure so RED for Mind seems perfect for me as it is to do something little every day, even if it is just a walk round the block. (Which it will be today after a couple of red wines last night😉)

I want to get back into my swimming slowly and of course my race walking and running but all at a nice and steady and controlled pace so this seemed perfect for me.


Have a great start to the New Year.

Rfc x

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Hi Rfc! Sorry that you're feeling below par - but at least now you know why and you're getting help with the thyroid problem. Just so frustrating to have to change your plans because your body's not cooperating fully! I've never heard of Red January before, but how marvellous to have a gentle, stress-free programme - I'm going to visit the site right now! Here's hoping that 2019 brings you good health and lots of fun and laughter - and that you can walk as many miles as you want!

Realfoodieclub in reply to Hidden

Thank you Kay. Once I get over this hangover (such a lightweight now) I think I am starting to feel better thankfully. I think it is nice plan and it is easy for everyone to wiggle it around to fit in with their own abilities. Good health to you and many more miles with your new poles (when they arrive) for 2019.

Hi rfc - all the best New Year :) Sorry you have been under the weather, hopefully getting your thyroid meds sorted out will make you feel much better :)

thanks for the link about Red January - I signed up. I need to get back in to my exercise - I have been resting on my laurels since breaking my foot in the autumn. Hopefully this will break me back in gently :)

It’s a good plan, I enjoy walking it always makes me feel better.

Hadn't heard about RED January before. Sounds very positive, and good timing post-holidays and when it's cold out.

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