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The endless story of my fatigue and brain fog.

Hello everyone,

i am new here in the forum, i signed in cos i found people suffering from the same thing that I’m dealing with. i decided to share my long story with everyone to help and to be helped if possible.

i’m a 37 years old male, married.

Problem started in 2006, that time i was stressed a lot. i felt suddenly with no prior notice a balloon inflated inside my head. brain fog started, i remember for 20days i couldn’t sleep at night and day, i also couldn’t look at my computer screen, my vision was shaken. the worst feeling ever. For sure after that all my daily life style has stopped for a while. And its been now 12 years in the fog.

First thing i did is a visit to my doctor. i did a general blood test, all was normal. than my doc advised me to see a neurologist. i did an electrocephalograph test, all turned normal. Directly when all test are normal, doctors point to depression. i said fine if it is depression lets treat it. And here the journey started, for 10 years i went to 8 different psychiatric and each one used to give a new medicament to try. for 10 years nothing changed in my symptoms, 24/24 brain fog, fatigue, i sleep and wake in the morning having that feeling that i haven’t slept at all to make my brain and body relax, always tired, sleepy, always having the feeling of a semi drunk person. they gave me all these years a long list of drugs, i name them from old to latest: mane b6, dianxite, zoloft, zyprexa, remeron, anaphranil, triptizole, cipralex, welbutrine, concerta, effexor, paxil and many i can’t remember now.

After 10 years of taking these useless drugs i stopped them all and decided to start researching by myself. i went to a specialist and asked to do all possible tests related to my symptoms.

here’s some important tests results i did:

•Total IGE 247.3, it is high. i did after it and allergy test and turned that i have allergy to some king of wall plants. which is nothing important.

•cortisol 7.28 mcg/dl normal

•Hemoculture, No growth after 5 days incubation.

•Inflammation CRP 1.46 mg/l

•Vitamin D 35

Vitamin B12 290

•Muscles and cardiovascular panel, creatine kinase 107.6 u/l normal

•co2 23 mmol/l normal

•liver enzymes normal

•Glucose 93 mg/dl normal

•celiac disease panel anti endomysium Ab lag Negative by IF at dilution 1/10 and anti transglutaminase Ab lag <3 negative

•thyroid parathyroid:

free t3 3.44, free t4 1.54, ash 1.37, anti tg 14.57, anti too 13.64 all normal.


testosterone 890 ng/dl normal

FSH 5.22 normal

Prolactin 7.86 normal

LH 4.9 normal

•Helicobacter Pylori IgG Ab negative

•ESR first hour 8 normal.

So all these results are normal

i noticed from all the blood tests i did these years, more than 20 tests, my Lymphocytes % is always high between 50 and 55, the normal range is 20 - 40, and none of the doctors i went to said anything about that. they said its high because i smoke. I dont know if that makes sense.

i also did a ct scan for my sinus, it was fine.

i did a brain engioMRI, my brain is great and blood vessels are normal, i asked to do the MRI cos sometimes i have headaches on the right side of my head and my eyes begins to flicker, doctors said its a kind of migraine nothing to worry about.

In late 2017 i went to another neurologist, i told him everything mentioned above. He said my symptoms are from sleep apnea. I did the sleep apnea test, it turned to be mild. they told me to use a cpap machine to clear my symptoms. i used the machine for 6months and nothing changed lol, all symptoms are still the same, brain fog, fatigue, headaches from time to time, feeling pressure in my head, faded vision with eyes burning. Believe me its a daily nightmare and i have no idea what to research next. If any one has my symptoms and found a solution please tell me. And if not I’m not losing hope, i am always searching for the cure.

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Well my friend i have the same symptoms you have and cant forget the depression it came with it for the first 3 months where cant leave the bed afraid of walking when suddenly comes the vertigo feeling and when i cant breath with heart palpilations and a lot of troubles...its been for me in this situation for 5 years now and the symptoms decreased in these years but i still have the brain fog the eye floaters the feeling sometimes of hard tension headache pain in the face muscles suddenly stress in all my body...tried almost everything but with no results.

I really would like to help you but dont know how. wish that someone will answer us why this is happening when allll our results are normal!

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Sounds like possible tension headaches to me. They are like migraines that are related to stress and in turn put you at risk of depression. I would Google the different types if headaches and read up on them if you haven't already done so. I believe I get these tension headaches. They seem to come in clusters for a couple of months then go away. See what you think. I get lots of other horrible symptoms too because I suffer from the dreaded anxiety & depression too. I take zoloft/sertraline. Just upped to 100mg so will see.


Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your long battle with this, the analytical part of me wants to get to the bottom of this, the caring side of me, loves to help others. So of you don't mind me asking a lot of questions, let's see what we can come up with. I don't know if you thru all your tests, ever had your iron levels checked, along with the fatigue low iron levels can give you, I thought it was interesting it also says that it affects your immune system, which can cause exactly what you described with your elevated white blood cell count (lymphocytes) it describes you quite a bit. If you had it done and your iron levels are not low, my next question is in 2001 (5yrs before onset) what job or daily routine did you have.


drlam.com Starts out basic, but be persistent, extremely informative.


hi Yvone1970 thank you for the comments.

here is some values i did,

ferritin 99.85ng/ml

rbc 4.67

hemoglobin 15.2

hematocrit 45.5

mcv 97

mch 32.5

rdw 11.5

platelets 239

wbc 8.3

thats the latest test i did a week ago.

in 2001 i was studying at uni.


What I have noticed with me is that I have brittled nails and they also have white spots which is a sign of iron deficiency. I have not been checked up but I'm thinking of making an appointment.


Have you did any food intolerance test? Certain food intolerance can be the culprit believe me.


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