Scared of brain tumor!!

I'm 11 weeks pregnant and I have headaches everyday and it's making me think that I have a brain tumor.. I went to the hospital a few weeks ago but due to being pregnant he wouldn't do ct scan but did some strength tests with me and said no I don't have a brain tumor (nothing I had said sounded like one) but I'm so scared that I do have one 😩 I wasn't feeling anxious up until yesterday when all I could think about is a brain tumor!! Why else would I have a headache for days on end!! Help ☺️ X


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12 Replies

  • Hello

    Hormones could very well be the answer

    When I was having my 3rd child some years ago now I never suffered with the other two pregnancies but the third well I had headache nearly everyday and migraines to , I wondered what had hit me

    I was told hormones changing can cause this for some women in pregnancy and of course the more anxious we feel about it the worse the headaches will be

    I know you may have preferred a scan but I think from what the Doctor saw and what you told him if he/she had thought for one minute that you were in danger of a BT pregnant or not they would have not left you in danger so try and be reassured

    You may find as your pregnancy goes on your headaches will subside , try and keep of coffee and all the things that are no good when you are suffering with headaches in fact take note if certain foods make them worse and avoid them for a while but I am sure you will be fine and congratulations on your pregnancy :-) x

  • Thanks you so much bounce I tried to book an appointment with my doctor but she's not in today so I thought next best thing.. And you have completely calmed me down! I never thought of that actually if they thought there was something wrong they would have done something ☺️ I'm my its my doctors day off now!! I'm also wearing my glasses 🙈 And the headaches have subsided a it now I just forget to put them on!! Thank you so much!! Xx

  • Well there you go as well if you are suppose to wear your glasses and you are not putting them on that is another reason why you will no doubt be getting headaches but when pregnant those hormones changing as well as are bodies changing can cause unbalances we don't or would not normally have , I am telling you the truth that third one of mine bless him he made sure I knew I was carrying him , I had to spend days sometimes in bed with headaches but he was worth it and he has not caused me any headaches since in fact he is a lovely Son so maybe if they give us a problem while we are carrying them could be a good sign they will be good when they arrive :-/

    When your Doctor is back just have a word to reassure you really or get your blood pressure taken as that can fluctuate as well which can give you headaches , nothing serious if it does but sometimes just the answer as to why

    O one other thing , the best people that can tell if there is anything wrong when it comes to fear of BT is an optician , they can see right to the back of the eyes and if anything looks abnormal , in fact they are in a lot of cases the one's that end up referring people to the hospital more than your own Doctor , I have a friend that had a BT and it was the optician that raised the alarm and saved her so if it has been a while get an eye test and I am sure everything would be fine that should give you peace of mind , after I have had mine tested I always feel relived and confident because I know how good they are :-) x

  • Thank goodness I read this post bounce I was scared I had a brain tumour I had my eyes tested and they were fine not long ago, now you have put my mind at rest because of what you said about the optician raising the alarm. :) :)

    Hi jess :) only me, health anxiety twin :) x

  • Thankyou also bounce I've had my glasses on all day and been to the park for a couple of hours and I feel abit better.. Just tired now this pregnancy is wiping me out 😁 I will try see my doctor soon I'm sure I have an appointment coming up.! Hey Lauren! How are you? Xx

  • Im fine jess how have you been? :) x

  • Yeh I'm okay now I've had some reassurance haven't really been thinking I'm dying everyday atm been keeping busy!! How you getting on with those antihistamines? Xx

  • Not good I did take half a tab last night im gonna get an allergy and intolerance test done just to put my mind at rest I get so much anxiety and panic when I havent taken one after I have eaten I get so many anxious symptoms it actually feels like an allergic reaction to the food. Xx

  • I was the same as bounce. Wondered what hit me the 2nd time around. Every day was a headache. It was really horrible.

    Try to keep anything out or limited that can add to it like caffeine...although and in has caffeine in it.

    Hopefully it is just hormones and will pass really soon. The more anxious you become the more chance you have of keeping them though so you have to try really hard and go back through your cbt tools.

    Get well soon Jess xx

  • Thank you so much I try not to drink coffee and tea now since I had my first panick attack the only thing I drink is water or juice nothing else ☺️ I actually read about hormones can cause headaches but my anxiety mind just kicks in like noooo it's a brain tumour!! I have to start going with my heart coz deep down I know I'm okay! Xx

  • It's really hard and horrific when your head starts conjuring up alsorts yet you know you are being irrational and everything is OK. Not sure which is worse...not knowing everything is OK but still being anxious or knowing that it is just anxiety up to no good and knowing rationally that there's no real need to be anxious. It's a no win situation 😣xx

  • It is very normal to have headaches as a pregnant women, all of the hormonal chamges contribute.

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