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Brain Fog or Dizziness?


Hi, I'm kind of experiencing 'brain fog' or dizziness at the moment, and for a long time, everyday. I feel like struggling or stressing to much to concentrate. I can't think straight, and I feel so stupid. I have an exam coming and I'm stressing out. I have been taking ecitalopram (5 mg a day) and I think this med is causing my brain fog. Has any of you experience this? I read an article about brain fog: ( and this article kind of confirmed all my symptoms. I feel so frustrated I can't understand my exam (my other officemates find it easy I feel left out) and I feel like crying all the time. I thought I'm already cured with my anxiety and depression but now I think it's coming back. I feel sleepy most of the time, and it feels like I don't enjoy my life anymore (I usually feel like I don't have any purpose to go on with my life) and it scares me because normally I feel fine. I'm quite concerned because my head feels heavy, dizzy, unable to concentrate and my face feels numb or something.

I hope you understand what I'm going through. Thanks so much. Replies are highly appreciated.

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I've been struggling with all the symptoms for months on end anxiety affects every part of your body... They put me on klonpen which it seemed to make it worse today is my third day off it and I feel better I know it's hard but you have to try and think positive I still feel off balance but when I start to feel horrible symptoms I think to myself this is going to pass I can fight this and I'm fine I love life I'm strong and I will beat this.... You can do it we will all get through this it just takes time. Sorry if that doesn't help but I know having somebody talk to me helps me a lot.

I hope you feel better!

Thank you so much Trish for that remark. Yes, I'm doing all the best I can to stay positive and try to ignore the self-pitying thoughts. Thank you. Good luck to all of us! :)

Thank you Mike! :)

Mike, I kind of understand what you are saying. But I am having this bad heavy head and dizziness feeling for five months now. It is not going away. I have never had Anxity issues before. But this dizziness makes me worry a lot more. Can you talk about more your symptom and how you cure? Thank you.

Thank you for your advice. I am currently taking lexapro. Tried to lower the dose after two month but I felt a lot more dizzy. Got back to 10mg now. And will try your method to see if that will help. Thanks again.

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