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Vitamin regimen - looking to make changes!

Hi all,

I made a long Vit D post here but am splitting this lot out.

I am currently taking

the following:

- Levothyroxine 100mcg (increased 4/7/16 from 75mcg)

- Vit D 1600iu colecalciferol

- H&B Calcium 333.3mg , Magnesium 133.3mg & Zinc 8.3mg

- Sainsbury's Evening Primrose Oil 1000mg

- Betteryou multivitamin spray (methyl b12 6mcg, d3 400iu, folic acid 400mcg, selenium 75mcg, b1 1.1mg b2 1.4mg k1 75mcg, b7 50mcg, iodine 150mcg, b5 6mg, a 600iu, b3 8mg, c 20mg)

- Betteryou B12 spray 1200 mcg

- H&B Iron 14mg & Vit C 60mg

I am aware that some of these amounts are not enough for my needs and so am looking to change my vitamin/mineral sources and amounts. I am also aware that the H&B vitamins/minerals are not of good enough quality so am looking to change those! Blood test results at end of post.


Timing - I usually take these just before bed on an empty stomach. Thoughts?

B12 - I am really keen to increase this. I'm going to buy the Jarrow Methyl B12 5000 lozenges and then once I've gone through that drop back to the spray at 1200.

Iron - I'd really like to increase this but I'm not sure what supplement size I should be looking for. I am also wondering if I should go for a liquid/spray version for a while? At least to get it up and then maybe maintain with a tablet? obviously I need Vit C as well and I think I saw 1000mg recommended somewhere?

Calcium/magnesium/zinc - should I continue supplementing this? or perhaps break it down and leave out calcium?

K2 - I know I need to add K2, can someone point me at a good source?

B-complex/Betteryou multiv spray - is the better you spray sufficient? I feel like it's going to be too small an amount, particularly for my folate which is midway through range.

Betteryou multivit spray - is there anything in here that I shouldn't be taking and should perhaps split out? I know it's got selenium and iodine in it.

Recent results

26/3/15 16/7/15 11/9/15 15/10/15 2/8/15

TSH [0.2 - 4.0] 2.1 4.5 3.8 2.2 0.47

FT4 [10.0 - 20.0] 13.9 9.1 14.8 - -

Parathyroid [1.5 - 7.6] - - 3.4 8.5 -

Vit D [75 - 500] 86 61 - 65 72

Magnesium [0.7 - 1.0] 0.91 - - - 0.9

B12 [211 - 911] 390 423 419 - 440

Folate [5.4 - 24] 6.5 14.4 - - 13.9

Ferritin [10 - 322] 46 47 - - 81

Calcium [2.2 - 2.6] - - 2.29 2.17 2.39

Thank you all in advance for wading through this lot!

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Well, for a start, you don't want the iodine. Iodine supplements really aren't recommended when you are hypo - unless you have tested deficient. You are already getting 60 mcg iodine from your 100 mcg levo, plus what you get for your food. Over-dosing on iodine is really not a good idea.

You are not deficient in calcium, so I really don't think the calcium is a good idea. Your vit D3 will be raising the absorption of calcium from food - which is why you need the vit K2 - so I don't think extra on top is a good idea at all. Did you not see Clutter's post the other day?

I agree, you do need 5000 mcg sublingual methylcobalamin to bring your level of B12 up. 1000 is optimal.

You might do better with a bit more magnesium. :)


Oh, and you need an increase in levo, too.


Hi, greygoose, thank you for all of that! will definitely be making those changes (and will go and read Clutter's post now).

They recently upped my levo from 75 to 100 at the beginning of July after me begging for it. I feel much better and the latest TSH came back at 0.47 (0.2 - 4.0). I am annoyed that the nurse didn't request the FT4 (and also found out that she can't even make an FT3 request!). I am not convinced that I'm properly supplemented yet, but I thought I would attack my vitamin deficiencies (and maybe investigate adrenals) before fighting the docs again for more levo. Am also looking to source some T3.

Can you tell me why you recommend a levo increase right now? Any arguments for the doc are super helpful!


Because your Ft4 is under mid-range, when it should be in the top third of the range. But it would be a good idea to get your FT4 and Ft3 tested privately, to see if you're converting well. Do that before you buy T3. You might just need an increase in levo.

Doctors dosing by TSH alone is a sure-fire recipe to keeping the patient sick.


Have you ever had your thyroid antibodies tested? TPOAb and TGAb

If either are high this means the cause is Hashimoto's - autoimmune. This often has a gluten intolerance/leaky gut connection. Adopting strict gluten free diet may help. Supplementing selenium can also help reduce antibodies and may help improve conversion of T4 to T3.

Some of us find taking Levo at night gives better uptake or is just easier to fit all supplements in day. Obviously Levo has to still be taken on empty stomach, at least 2 hours after main meal (longer if it was a feast) and nothing other than water for at least an hour after.

Vitamin D, iron and magnesium need to be at least 4 hours away from taking Levo



I have only ever had my TPOAb tested back in 2014 when we first looked at my thyroid. Here are my results from then:

TSH [0.2 - 4.0] 5 4.4

FT4 [10 - 20] 11.4 12.8

TPOAb [<100] - 48

Originally, looking at the range and my result I thought that I was fine. However when I've just gone back through my notes (which I now have access to!) I spotted the following where it says the result was abnormal:

Test resultThyroid peroxidase antibody level Report, Abnormal, Make an appointment to see doctor

Coded entryThyroid peroxidase antibody level 48 iu/mL [< 100]

Could that mean that I actually have Hashimoto's then?

I have eaten a wheat free and almost gluten free diet for around 6 or 7 years ago - as a child I had lactose intolerance which disappeared as I got older, but then I started having wheat-induced IBS so cut out wheat and now eat mostly gluten free as well (I sometimes have oats and don't react to them, it seems!). I had a coeliac bloodtest and that came back negative, and the gastrointestinal investigation came back with wheat-induced IBS.

I have also been considering doing a leaky gut bone broth 'fast' for a few days to try and allow my intestines to heal. Perhaps what I'll do (considering the iodine factor) is drop the betteryou multivit with the iodine, grab some selenium and get a BlueHorizon test after the 2 months of the B12 lozenges that gives me everything including antibodies!

I normally take my levo first thing in the morning with water only. There had been a time where I took a Vit D too but I've since swapped to levo in the morning and all the supplements at night. Can I ask though, should iron be taken away from Vit D, Bs and Magnesium? I know it is said to affect absorption.

Thank you for the levo timing link - I shall keep that in my arsenal of next steps to see what difference it makes for me :)


Have to add to what is written above that the subject of iodine/hypothyroidism is disputed. Make your own decision about it - there are loads of information on the Internet.

You could start here:


Hi Birgitte,

Thank you for that link! I read through it and then noted the bit it said about Hashimoto's sufferers needing to be careful about the iodine. I hadn't thought that I had Hashimoto's but having just looked at my 2 year antibody results maybe I have!

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Hope you noticed the point - that iodine is good for you, when you take selenium as well! Selenium without iodine is said to be harmful, and vice versa....


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