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Do you think my vitamin doses are ok

Ok i take my levo 50mg sometime early hours when i wake up for a drink or if the baby wakes me .the rest are then.1000mg methyl b12 1 day i bought these myself as b12 was on low side my not under the ranges. 500mg vit d / calcium twice a day chewy tablets off doctor. 5mg folic acid 1 a day off doctor. 322mg fersaday iron 1 day from doc. Then i purchased vitabiotics feroglobin b12 1 day slow release and they contain iron 17mg,zinc 12mg, copper 1000ug, folic acid 400ug, vit b12 10ug, vit b6 5mg. Also take vitabiotics calcium vit d3 and magnesium and they contain . Vit d (as d3 400iu) 10ug. Calcium 800mg. Magnesium 300mg. Zinc 10mg. Copper 1000ug. Manganese 0.5 mg. Selenium 50ug. Boron 0.6 mg. Do you think these are ok i am feeling better since started on them still getting pins and needles/electric shock feeling but not as bad as before doctor also gave me pills to help for them which i can.t take as cause drowsiness and the one time i took them i couldn.t do nothing the next day as just wanted to sleep so no good when i have kids.

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Your vitamin supplements look fine and I am glad they are making you feel better. As long as you take them 4 hours after your levo, that's great.

As you say, when you have children you cannot be 'sleepy'.

How long have you been on levo as 50mcg is usually a starting dose? If you can get a copy of your latest thyroid gland blood test results, with the ranges, and post on a new question for members to comment. If you haven't had one lately, ask your GP and also to do Vit B12 and Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate as you are now supplementing.

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Hi i had them all done and posted on here doctor prescribed most of them as low in them only b12 he wouldn.t treat even though low. Memory / brain fog still the same or maybe worse also muscle loss they keep telling me my thyroid is normal range so no need to have higher dose.and hospital is getting strict on retested something had done recently they won.t test again for 6 months.


Most of the people here find that when the doctors say our thyroid results are in the 'normal' range they need to take it with a pinch of salt. The ranges are huge and the tests they do are often misinterpreted. Why don't you get a copy of the results with the ranges and post them on here and see whether we agree with your doctor.


They are on here somewhere i posted them when i had them but getting my doctor to up the dose is another matter they are in the range even if on the high side or low side they are fine to them i was only put on levo cause i had another antibodies test 3 years since the other one and it was 600 so only reason being treated now after 3 years of blood tests and being borderline. I.m waiting to see a neuro now and still not been refered to a endo .


Hi Antonia,

I have looked at your profile and you don't give your medical history.

I have also looked at your activity and cannot see where you posted your blood tests and ranges previously. Did you get feedback from some members?

It is easier to ask for a print-out which you can keep for your own records. I cannot remember my levels or ranges unless I have them in front of me.


Hi yes i had feed back from my results my last results where free thyroid 14.0 (11.0-25.0) previous 2 where 11.1 and before that 13.8 no ranges on them. Tsh 1.98 (0.27-4.20) before that 8.65 and before that 1.16. B12 231 (180-900) . Folate 3.6ug (>4.5) low. Ferritin (15-300). Not got my vid d but was told is low will get them next time iron is still low.i was being tested for the perniciuos anemia but hospital won.t test me cause it also needs to check my b12 and iron and cause it was done recenetly its making me wait 6 months. Hospitals are clamping down on tests they said even though the doctor asked for the test.also bejng tested for coeliac disease.