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Video EEG results

Got 6 day video EEG results yesterday and the seizure I had during my stay was n...

Dejavu seizures

Any experiences?

Protective headwear

We have a couple of ‘helmets’ that my daughter had to protect her when she had a...
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Research Opportunity!

If you have a spare 10 minutes PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE would you consider taking pa...


Does anyone suffer with epilepsy and functional neurological disorder?

Dissertation Data Collection - Quality of life, Stigma and Epilepsy

Hi! I am carrying out some research for my dissertation project and I was wonder...


Has anyone ever experienced severe depression a couple weeks after hospitalizati...

Seizure recovery time

How long does it normally take to recover from a grand mal seizure? I had ten gr...


I was diagnosed almost 6 months ago and at first I was scared of going out or ev...

Lamictal and electric shock nighttime 'seizures'

I have had JME for nearly fifty years, but I was on Keppra, then Epilim, then Fy...

Does anyone else experience a grating feeling in the back of your head ? It happens so quick, then it’s over . i get them regularly now

Is this part of my epilepsy or am I paranoid about anything now


Any women here?

Starting my third year of seizures

I had my first seizure at the age of 24 on New Year’s Day 2016. Since then I’ve ...

Unable to speak

Hello. Out of curiosity does anybody suffer with seizures that leave you unable...