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Seizure recovery time


How long does it normally take to recover from a grand mal seizure? I had ten grand mals twelve days ago and spent two days in the hospital. I feel like I’m still dragging this time. Side note: during one of my seizures I slammed my jaw against the side of my dresser. My whole face was bruised and swollen when I woke up.

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Tbh it varies, my last seizure I hit my head, (think I was concussed), and chewed my tongue so bad I could hardly talk for a week! 😱 other times it hasn’t been so bad. But usually need at least a couple of days to feel anything like “normal” and then some to not be going around in a daze 😟

I chewed my mouth so bad I had sores too! I could barely talk, open my mouth, or eat. I lived on apple sauce for about three days after

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