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What would happen if I took alcohol/drugs alongside anti seizure medication?

I've had at least 15 seizures in the space of a year, and I'm awaiting an MRI sc...

National Tea and Cake Break

There isn’t just one reason to hold a National Tea and Cake Break for Epilepsy A...

New epilepsy nurse for South Devon to change lives

People with epilepsy in Torbay and South Devon are set to benefit from better ep...
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Children star in brain surgery DVD to help others

A group of children, who have epilepsy, are the stars of a new DVD for families ...

Disruption to vision

My tegratol has been increased to 1000 milligrams a day since this I have had bl...

Seize Control, Our new campaign.

Our new campaign, Seize Control, aims to help people whose seizures are poorly c...

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