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Hi my friend has been put on Gabapentin for non epilepsy reasons and he asked me...

Myoclonic jerks

I have suffered with myoclonus for a while now and ive had parkinson's for 41 ye...

Pfizer and Flynn Pharma fine, petition for money to go to epilepsy healthcare.

The money raised from the fines goes to the Treasury, which decides how it is sp...
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Phenytoin iv

Good day all. Just really curious about this. I'm on 1600 epilim a day and still...

Give as you shop

Make your online shopping spree guilt free. Epilepsy Action has partnered up wit...

Pfizer and Flynn Pharma fined a record £90 million for ‘excessive and unfair’ price hikes for phenytoin.7 December, 2016

Pharmaceuticals company Pfizer, which manufactures the epilepsy medicine p...

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