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Hi Everyone, just a short note... At the moment I am in my 10th month seizure fr...

Epilepsy and your wellbeing is our free online course.

Epilepsy and your wellbeing is our free online course, designed to help you to m...

Could not getting enough sleep and stress be a factor in my daughters epilepsy?

My daughter gets \"jerks\" occasionally in the morning when just up. I witnessed...
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NHS community-based care: good plan?

3 July 2014. A new government report was published this week, relating to the ...

sleep epilepsy

can anybody give me any advise about it pls

Numbness and tingling in left cheek lips touhgue fingers with metallic taste in mouth all in the right side.

Has anyone Expierenced this is it my seizures, I have complex partial seizures w...

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