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seizures, getting worst

Hi was diagnosed a year ago with generalized chronic tonic seizure, they had be...

A new poll

Please spare a minute to take part in this poll. The poll is to the left of thi...

In the new year why not give one of our branches or coffee & chat meetings ago.

Epilepsy Action has an extensive network of branches and, coffee and chat group...
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Had a operation now suffering with insomnia

Hi all, I had a lung operation back in October and since I came home in Novembe...

Campaign launched for home access to behavioural therapy for epileptic seizures

A UK neuroscientist at the University of Sussex is launching a campaign to deve...

Epilepsy Action has developed a new online self-management programme for adults with epilepsy.

Epilepsy and you is for adults who: • Want to know more about their own ...

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