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Waiting on referral...advice greatly received.

Hello! So here's the thing. my 'seizures' started out of the blue in March of th...

Gran mal to partial?

Has anyone had an experience where they have mostly (and I mean like, 90+% of th...


Does anyone else of kappra or levatiracetam suffer dissociation or have already ...
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First seizure and scared

Well, I had my first grand seizure after many years of absence seizure. How sca...

High Fever triggers seizures, why???

Dear all, My boyfriend has been diagnosed epilepsy last year. He takes levetira...


Does anyone have experience with the RNS? Thanks

Long term memory gain?

I have JME for 49 years, since the age of fourteen when I 'bashed' my head. I am...

Changing medications

Slowly switching from keppra to lamotrigine. What to expect (side effects etc)? ...

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thanks for the add

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