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Petition to teach epilepsy in PSHE lessons in schools

As of 2020 First Aid will be taught in schools, that’s in PSHE lessons. They wil...

Double dosed Keppra 500mg

I'm on keppra 500mg , I've doubled dosed a few times in the morning. Sometimes I...

Answers needed

My dad has Parkinson's and cannot walk but to pivot. He dies have a few seizures...
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Sign our petition to demand the UK government act and support the legalisation and regulation of cannabis NOW

this was 2006 and i was arrested for treat in my self with canibise

Epilepsy sufferer Michael Rourke is demanding the right to use the drug that he ...

medical canibise do you get it yet please post

i have sleep epilepsy and ostioparosi of the meds i was on now i take canibise a...

Anxiety or Seizure

Hello All, I hope you are all having an amazing day. Ever since I was 12, I re...

Pernicious Anaemia and Epilepsy

A couple of years ago I had a problem I thought was my balance, but having a rou...

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