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Unable to speak


Out of curiosity does anybody suffer with seizures that leave you unable to speak?

Mine is usually preceded by repetitive movements such as head shaking or repetitive rubbing of my hands.

I then zone out and stare and if my parter asks me questions, I’m alert, I can answer in my head but I can’t form the words to speak no matter how hard I try.

Anybody else have this experience? I tend to have this frequently and think it may be caused by stress as I feel my brain is just overloaded


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Hi Burly88:

I have been unable to speak as well. During the seizure I can see and hear. Speaking is what stops during it completely. Yet, as you I can talk inside myself but just can’t get the words out. Which means the left temporal lobe is where the seizures are taking place.

Continue to stay strong. I’m with you on this. 😊


I’m like this when I have absence seizures... I look like I’m just daydreaming.. I’m a wear of everything around me and a conversation I may be in but can’t answer till the seizure is over... it feels like it last forever sometimes but some are only a few seconds... enough for me to notice but not anyone else or maybe they just think I’m been rude 😂


aww same here like and yh people think the same like when im mid sentence and i have an absence they think like im ignoring them cause mine look like im day dreaming even tho my eyes flutter i suffer from tonic clonics, jerks and absences


Strange isn’t it. Sometimes I struggle to tell what is a seizure and what is, I don’t know, just emotional. I have ‘auras’ which a pretty textbook, some other things it’s hard to tell


I’ve sent you a private message I think burly88


I find the absence seizures the hardest ones to identify sometimes because I wonder if am just day dreaming like everyone else.... the focal ones I have a warning Sign... sometimes aura... my noes will usually always tingle or I get emotional warnings so start to feel anxious or like a snece of impending doom!! Bloody delightful things ain’t they lol


Indeed. I have to get someone to pinch me so I know that I am real. Delightful :D


Same and like if you have one do you forget what you were saying or just doing it can you remember


I have the same problem, I want to answer but the words are stuck, also language/ music sounds familiar but confusing, I’ll sometimes have a stutter after a seizure.


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