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All posts for October 2012

Epilepsy and contraception

If you are in a sexual relationship, or are considering starting one, it is impo...

Is it ok to still use Evening Primrose oil now I’ve been diagnosed with epilepsy?

It can be helpful to keep a ‘seizure diary’

It can be helpful to keep a ‘seizure diary’. This will enable you to give as muc...

What should you do if you are on epilepsy tablets and you still have seizures?

Why do lips turn blue during a seizure?

Is there an epilepsy nurse I can see?

Why epilepsy now, I’m 39 years old?

Telling potential employers about your epilepsy.

You don’t have to tell your employer or a potential employer about your epilepsy...

Newly Diagnosed.

Epilepsy is a misunderstood condition. Don’t let this affect you living a full a...

Free prescriptions

If you you have epilepsy and take epilepsy medicines, you are entitled to free p...

Can I take the contraceptive pill with my lamotrigine?