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What do I need to do to get diagnosed-UPDATED

I am new to this site and I am desperate to find some answers.

I am almost 42 years old and am female.

I am 'borderline' hypothyroid according to my GP.

I have type 2 diabetes, which is not very well controlled despite me taking an injection of 1.2 of Victoza every morning.

I eat a healthy diabetic diet and I am still unable to keep my bloods under 10. The diabetic consultant will not put me on insulin as it will probably make me gain weight and she wants me to lose weight as this will help my blood sugar controls. My bloods go up after eating almost anything which in turn makes me fall asleep.

I also have Crohns disease. I have had lots of blood tests done recently however I do not know how to interpret the results.

I am grossly over weight. I belong to a slimming group and eat very little due to taking Victoza as it reduces your appetite, however I rarely lose any weight. I have very little body hair and I have lost the outer third of my eyebrows. I have terrible night sweats (I'm not menopausal according to my GP). My maternal grandmother and aunt also have thyroid issues. My other maternal aunt is also 'borderline' hypothyroid.

I have high blood pressure. I currently take simvastatin at night.

I also have heavy menstrual periods of which they are irregular. I have already had one endometrial ablation of the womb in order to combat the problem.

I am now not sure what else to write however please feel free to guide me in the right direction as I feel as though I am going round in circles!

Any help or advice would be very welcomed as sometimes I fell desperate! I also have depression


Etc etc etc

Test results from 7/12/2012

Intrinsic factor antibody = 1.8U/ml (0.0-6.0)

Serum folate = 4.3ng/ml

Serum vitamin B12 = 397ng/L

Red blood cell distribution width = 13.8%

Basophil count = 0 10*9/L

Haematocrit = 0.344L/L

Lymphocyte count = 2 10*9/L (0.5-4.0)

Total white cell count = 9 10*9/L (4.0-11.0)

Necleated red blood cell count = 0 10*9 (0.0-0.0-)

Red blood cell (RBC) count = 3.9 10*12 (2.81-6.49)

Mean platelet volume = 8fL

Platelet count = 376 10*9/L (150-400)

Neutrophil count = 6.1 10*9/L (2.2-8.0)

Monocyte count = 0.6 10*9/L (0.1-1.1)

Mean corpuscular volume (MCV) = 88fl

Mean corpusc. Hb. cons (MCHC) = 328g/L

Mean corpusc. haemoglobin (MCH) = 28.9 pg

Heamoglobin estimation = 113g/L

Eosinophil count = 0.3 10*9/L (0.0-0.4)

Test results from 31/10/2012

Thyroid peroxidase antibody level = 21 IU/ml (0-34)

GFR calculated abbreviated MDRD = 163mL/min Original result 163mL/min/1.73m2 ()

Total cholesterol: HDL ratio = 3.5

Serum globulin = 34g/L

Fasting serum fasting glucose level = 9.8mmol/L High fluoride preserved specimen used for glucose analysis

Serum urea level = 2.3mmol/L Low

Serum triglycerides = 4.27mmol/L

Serum total protein = 72g/L

Serum sodium = 136mmol/L

Serum potassium = 4.6mmol/L

Calculated LDL cholesterol level = NA

Serum HDL cholesterol level = 1.31mmol/L

Serum gamma-glutamyl transferase level - 21 IU/L (8-45)

Serum creatinine =45 umol/L Low

Serum creatine kinase level = 32 IU/L (23-142)

Serum cholestrol = 4.6 mmol/L

Serum total bilirubin level = 5umol/L

ALT/SGPT serum level = 29IU/L (10-50)

Serum alkaline phosphatase = 141 IU/L High (25-100)

Serum albumin = 38g/L

Test results from 4/10/2012

Serum free T4 level = 11.6pmol/L

Serum C reactive protein level = 30mg/L High

Serum TSH level =2.07mU/L (0.27-4.20)

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I also have a low basil temperature :(


How frustrating - I have just done a huge answer to you and it wouldn't let me post it but the main point in it was to phone your diabetic consultant at the hosp and ask him/her to help you (I take it you are under the hosp).

Moggie x


The diabetic consultant was rubbish. She just said 'lose weight'! Oh no, I hadn't thought about that one!!

Thanks for your help anyway.


Your free T4 level is pretty low. Might be worth getting T3 checked too to see where that is in the range. If it is also low your may have a secondary hypothyroidism problem resulting in you not producing enough TSH.


Thank you I will do :)


....I commented on your post two days ago and wrote quite a lot for you to consider. I did not hear anything more from you....did you receive it ?


Yes I did thank you :)


I also replied the other day but there were technical issues and my reply went into cyberspace, I assume. You were possibly not notified

It is so frustrating when no-one can give you answers to why you are not well. The thyroid gland controls all of your metabolism as T3 is needed in every single cell in order for your body to perform correctly. Female problems are also affected and many have unnecessary ops as every disorder is treated as a separate diagnosis.

I do not know why GP's say 'borderline hypo' when you have obvious clinical symptoms. Unexplained weight gain is the most obvious and usually higher cholesterol. Some doctors will prescribe with a slightly higher TSH.

I would say your B12 is on the low side and if you supplement get methylcobalamin B12 as that is the better one.

If you email and ask for a list of sympathetic NHS Endos and private doctors.

This is a link which may give you some information. Some of the links within may not work as it is an archived site. There are other topics at the top of the page too.


Thank you :)


Obviously thyroid issues to look at as others have mentioned, but a few things are screaming at me and I would want to look into if it was me....

Look into Low carb diets... so called "diabetic diets" are sky high in carbs, and some people really do not do well on them... just Google something like "low carb diet for diabetics" and start researching. It's not the easiest to live with, but not the hardest either - and you never need be hungry with low carb type diets (there are several types). Low Glycaemic Load has been a life changer for me, although I am only pre-diabetic, with Reactive Hypoglycaemia, however Diabetics can do well with this type of diet too.

Are you not on Metformin too? It is usually first line therapy for diabetics - As well as controlling blood glucose, it helps weight issues considerably, and the benefit of eating low carb is the side effects it can produced are often reduced if you reduce carbs too.

Do you really need to be on statins? Your Cholesterol is very good now at 4.6, so what was it before? They are a drug with more side effects and problems than most.

Might you need more iron too?... your Haematocrit is pretty low, (again, low iron is somethign that seems to lnk to thyroid problems too)

Your sodium is pretty low too... so you don't seem to be retaining it very well, low sodium makes people feel lousy too - is your Cortisol low perhaps? (Which can impact on thyroid) Are you taking diuretics for blood pressure perhaps?

The elevated liver enzyme means your liver is having a bit of a hard time... what does your Doctor say about it? In the past drugs have caused that for me, and when you are fat (like me!) it can be due to fat storing in the liver... too many carbs tend to do that too! :-(


I am unable to take Metformin as I have Crohns disease :( Therefore I am unable to take any oral medication for my diabetes.

I am not sure if I need to be on Statins. I just do as I'm told by my gp.

I am also unable to take oral iron tablets because of my Crohns disease. If my iron gets low I have to go to hospital and have an iron infusion.

No I don't take diuretics. I had no idea that my sodium levels were low as no one had told me that.

My doctor said that ALL of my blood tests that you see are normal apart from my C reactive protein which was a little high but it is always high because of my Crohns :(

I will ask her about my elevated liver enzyme.

Thank you for all your input:)


Be very wary of the word "Normal" when Doctors are talking about blood tests... it can mean you are 0.001 above the rock bottom!

It is a very different thing to "optimal" and that's even without going into the more complex concept of how Lab ranges are set up ;-)


I have now made an app to see a private doctor in Winchester. I will go armed with all your suggestions. Thank you everyone who took time to contribute. :)



Wishing you good luck with new doctor. Maybe ask to get your vitamin d tested. I am not optimal with thyroid and could not lose weight. Since being on vitamin d and eating low carb I have lost some weight. Also, coconut oil is supposed to help weight loss. Just a thought!

Best wishes

Carolineanne x


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