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Test resullts

Afternoon All

Hoping you helpful people will have a quick look at my results. GP said my levels are good. Think I am staying on 50mcg levothyroxine.

I fasted didn't take levo before test.

Serum B12 253 (187.0-883.0)

Serum ferratin NA following result is from 14/7/7 valid for 60 days FER 28

Serum triidothyronine 4.0 (2.4-5.7)

Serum T4 13 (9.0-20.0)

Serum TSH 1.53 (0.35-4.94)

TPO 58.6 (50.0) Weak positive

Mean cell haemoglobin 310 (316.0-365.0)

I am taking holland & barrett vegan multi vit & minerals containing vit A,D,E,C thiamin b1 riboflavin b2 niacin panthothenic acid vit b6 b12 folic acid calcium iron zinc

Was taking one called radiance with iron

Take these too

Selenium 50mcg

Cod liver oil 1000mg

Acidophilus probiotic

Glucosamine chrondroitin 400/100mg

Green tea tablets

Trying to remember to drink apple cider vinegar.

Was taking multivitamins probionta with iodine until i was diagnosed hypothyroid.

I am going to the gym and aquazumba 3 times a week and going on treadmill at home to try to lose weight. Stopped depot injection too.

Feeling a lot better more human.

GP said my iron low happy with all results and previous vit d said was very good high level.

Do I need any other vitamins are my results good since I am taking vitamins. Hoping they are helping with absorption as read from discussions on here.

Look forward to your great advice

Thank you


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Multivitamins have too little of anything to be useful.Your B12 may be in range but is low ,better to be over 500 and some say at the max. T4 is a bit low but you could do with knowing T3 which our helpful NHS rarely does.


Hi Treepie

Forgot to include serum folate 13.7 (9.0-20.0)

Thanks for looking

I do suffer dizziness pins and needles restless legs at night.

Should I ask gp or endo for b12 or do I buy some B12 vitamins folate ?

Have app for goitre results with endo 25th been told 3 month ago multi nodule goitre. Awaiting that app.

Do you think the levo 50mcg will raise the free T4 ? Only been on short time 8 weeks or so.

I thought I was doing so well in such a short time. My Mom has suffered about 6 years with autoimmune hypothyroid.

Worried nhs tell me again results normal


I think you need the FT3 result ,but 50mcg is a low dose and I think you need more. Should test again in 6-8 weeks.

Probably best getting your own B12 methylcobalamin .GPs tend to prescribe a cheaper less easily absorbed form of B12.

No knowledge on folate.Look up Seaside Susie for comprehensive knowledge on vits etc.


Hi Treepie

I have replied to gregoose too.

GP put FT3 on form but no result.

I will have to ask Endo on 25th to test FT3.

I'm trying to help myself with vitamins and yes cost a fortune. GP probably won't listen regarding b12 folate iron. It's so hard work time consuming with GP.

I'm trying to help my mom with go to her Endo apps too. It's hard to get them to help with symptoms blood results. I feel tired keep thinking about this condition trying to understand it.


Greygoose is a straight speaker! Read her response carefully.Consider private blood testing from Blue Horizon or Medichecks if you have no joy re T3.

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Hi again

It's a lot to take in a lot to get GP to admit to and agree with low levels. I think the endo will do the FT3. I will push will say my results show autoimmune and will ask for celiac test. They do the tests for my mom but keep saying results ok. So I think they test but can't read and treat from results and symptoms. It's a double battle for myself and mom.


I agree with Treepie. Your multivit has iron in it, so you will not absorb and of the vitamins! Neither will you absorb the iron because it contains calcium, and the two bind together. Total waste of money!

Your antibodies may be a 'weak' positive, but a positive is a positive - why on earth do these doctors think we have ranges? You have Hashi's, so act accordingly - 100% gluten-free diet.

Apart from that, your B12 is low - I would suggest you take that result over to the Pernicious Anemia forum and tell them your symptoms. You also need a result for folate as the two work together.

Your ferritin is rediculous! I don't think your doctor would be happy with that if it were his. Much too low. Needs to be at least mid-range for thyroid hormone to work.

Your FT4 is much too low and your TSH too high. You need an increase in dose.

But, how do you feel? Are you happy with these results? :)


Hi greygoose

Oh no really my TSH is high and Free T4 low.

Gp put FT3 on form but no result.

I take all those vitamins morning and levo at bedtime.

I feel a bit better. Pushing myself to exercise after 9 hour shifts at work standing. Sleeping better. Aches and pains not as bad. Not taking the amitriptyline one GP gave me a few month ago. She diagnosed depression and fibro myalgia.

The other GP said those results I had done end of August are good. Told me my multivitamins with iron will help raise iron level didn't offer any iron tabs. Told to wait for Endo to discuss nodules and levo dose.

I don't have any hope with Endo it's same place my mom goes and she has suffered years.


No, I wouldn't recommend an endo, anyway! They have no idea what they're doing!

When you're on thyroid hormone replacement, the TSH should be one or under. Your FT4 isn't even mid-range, most people need it at least over mid-range.

The NHS never tests FT3 if it can help it, because it's an expensive test, and doctors don't know how to read it.

Doctors know nothing about nutrients, either. They tell you to take a multivit because it's an easy way out - just like 'diagnosing' depression and fibromyalgia, much easier than actually finding out what's really wrong with the patient! I doubt your doctor would have any idea that iron binds with calcium - although we did than in chemistry when I was 12! Besides, there wouldn't be enough iron in a multivit to treat a low ferritin like yours! The man's an idiot! Unless you get someone else answering that knows about iron (I don't), write a new question asking just that : what should I be taking for this level of ferritin? Because you really should take something - other than a multivit, that is!

Your folate is good. But, if you have pins and needles, you have low B12 symptoms and should be supplementing that. Don't bother asking your doctor about it, he won't have a clue! Just buy your own sublingual methylcobalamin (B12), 5000 mcg daily. Take that until you've finished the bottle, and then get 1000 mcg of the same thing, as a maintenance dose. At the same time, get a B complex, to balance the Bs, because they all work together.

As long as you don't expect too much from the endo, you won't be disappointed! He might be capable of discussing nodules, because if they're not very big, they're not a problem. But, I wouldn't trust him with my dose!

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Hi again

It's lady doctors I have seen recently. My mom see endo every 6 month she is 65 yr old has Tsh over 7 t4 13 ish. Endo takes my moms levo solution increase very slowly she had reaction side effects from tablets. So atleast I haven't felt any side effects so far.

I will buy what you suggested. Try to find vitamins without calcium too. You are all so knowledgeable wish I had joined years ago to help my poor mother.


No, don't buy more multivits, they won't do you any good. Stay well away from the multivitamins.

If you want to take a vitamin, buy the vitamin on its own. Just take what you need. I've explained about the B12, how to raise that. You need to post a new question about the iron. And you need to get your vit D tested. That's all for the moment. We can discuss other vitamins once you're safely on all those supplements. One step at a time, that should be the rule.

If your mother reacts badly to levo, then it's good that the endo is taking things slowly - just as long as he doesn't take it too slowly!

Female doctors, can be just as ignorant as the male ones! lol


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